Saddest News: After a weeks-long illness, Jeanne Cooper — one of the most beloved soap stars of all time — passed away. Soon after, CBS announced that on Tuesday, May 28, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS will air a special episode honoring the legend and her alter ego, Katherine Chancellor.

Least Accurate Title: GO ON won’t be, err… doing as its title suggests, with NBC axing the Matthew Perry vehicle after one low rated season.
Lamest Lie: Did anyone really believe the endless denials from folks at THE OFFICE that Michael Scott wouldn’t appear in the finale? Anyone? Bueller?
Best Shocker: Forget the identity of SCANDAL’s mole… the fact that David was working with him was the real stunner!
Least Shocking Shocker: The moment THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Brooke was diagnosed as being pre-menopausal, every viewer on the planet said, “Yeah right… she’s pregnant!”  
Best Recovery: With an unexpected pregnancy for Charlotte, the perfectly-timed blackout and several delicious Victoria/Emily scenes, REVENGE finally began to feel like the show we all fell in love with again.
Most In Need Of A Break: Has any heroine been as traumatized as poor Norma, owner of the trauma-plagued BATES MOTEL?
Least Likely To Understand Their True Value: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK casts are reportedly joining forces to demand more money from Bravo. Because, you know, there aren’t other people out there willing to humiliate themselves for less money. Or free.
Worst Party Host: Shame on HELL’S KITCHEN’s Gordon Ramsay for not toning down his famously foul-mouthed ways for the Quinceañera the show hosted this week. We’re not naïve enough to believe that the teens haven’t hurt such language before, but that doesn’t make it any less disrespectful.
Name Every Teacher Will Be Misspelling In 10 Years: Thanks to GAME OF THRONES, Arya has become the fastest-growing name for baby girls… who will no doubt be gifted with every dragon toy on the planet as they grow up.
Biggest Missed Opportunity: While RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE got it right in naming Jinkx Monsoon this season’s winner… but how did the two-hour reunion show not feature a montage of Alyssa Edwards’ hysterical reaction shots?
Least Creative Move: Ratings-troubled NBC greenlit a spin-off of CHICAGO FIRE titled… CHICAGO P.D. Coming soon? CHICAGO RESTAURANT, CHICAGO NEWSPAPER and CHICAGO LAW.
Winner Of The Good News/Bad News Award: The day after Chris D’Elia found out NBC had canceled WHITNEY, he learned that the network had picked up his new series, UNDATEABLE.
What Took Them So Long?: At long last, UP ALL NIGHT was put out of its — and our collective — misery.
Most Universally Despised Plot Point: Fans of both GREY’S ANATOMY and Calzona were furious about Arizona cheating on her spouse with that chick from ONE TREE HILL.
Oddest Paradox: The more often players are blindsided during SURVIVOR tribal council’s this season, the easier we see the “shocking” eliminations coming a mile away.

Least Likely To Be Missed: Randy Jackson confirmed that after 12 cycles, he’ll be leaving AMERICAN IDOL. Our response to his tenure as judge? “It was just alright for us, dawg.” 

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