Q&A: Missy Peregrym Previews ROOKIE BLUE Season 4

Perfectly timed to coincide with tonights fourth season return of ROOKIE BLUE, theTVaddict.com recently was afforded the opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with series star Missy Peregrym. So just what did the talented Canadian actress have to say about her character Andy’s increasingly complicated professional and personal life? See for yourself, after the jump.

Tonight marks ROOKIE BLUE’s fourth season premiere. Thinking back to when you signed onto the show did you ever imagine it would become the success it has?
Missy Peregrym: No way! I don’t think you can ever plan for that because we all know how difficult it is even to get a show on the air let alone stay on the air. So to be heading into our fourth season, it’s really incredible. I’ve never experience anything like this before.

Aside from yourself of course, what about the show in particular do you think has resonated with the fans so much?
That’s what I was going to say, me, of course! [Laughs] You know, I just don’t know what it is. I suppose if there was a formula that you could actually put down on paper everyone would be doing it. But I think it is very cool that we’re a summer show and people had the opportunity to see it. And, as a cast, we have very good chemistry, we get a long extremely well. And when you have an environment where you can be collaborative and creative everybody gets to grow together, learn, and I think it shines through in the performances.

In tonight’s episode, we join Andy working with Nick to infiltrate a meth pipeline. How long have they been working undercover together?
6 months!

That’s quite a long time for two really good looking police officers to be working in such close quarters! Any chance their relationship becomes more than a professional one?
Well, they already started with a good base for a friendship last season and it’s only gotten stronger. It’s no different then when Andy and Sam are working together. When you go through really crazy times together you naturally have a bond. That said, Andy and Nick’s situation is a little bit different because we’re playing a boyfriend and girlfriend undercover, but I think it brings the character’s closer in a friendship kind of way.

Is it safe to assume though that Andy and Nick’s time spent undercover will make things messy for her when she returns to the precinct?
Yes, I definitely think it bleeds back into the Division. To be honest, even though she kind of convinced herself that she’s over Sam, she sees him again and realized it’s [her attraction] something that can’t be shut off. There is just this chemistry there that complicates things and is never going to go away.

Fans really seem to have become invested in Andy and and Sam’s relationship. Did you know when you first had scenes together with actor Sam Swarek that the relationship would become such a central part of the show?
No, no, no, I couldn’t believe that fans have become so invested in Andy and Sam because when you’re working together on the show it’s so different then when you’re watching it. There are things that Ben does that I never caught when we were filming because I’m kind of doing my own thing, so when I would watch the episode I would think that was really amazing, the look he gave, or something that he did that really kind of connects the characters. So i give him a lot of credit he’s a great actor and very present.

Assuming she eventually makes her way back to the Precinct, how much of a challenge will it be for Andy to readjust to life back on the beat?
I don’t think Andy really thought it would be that hard of a transition. I think she thought everything would be back to normal. I mean we ended last season with her deciding to forget it, to not be that girl that makes all her decisions around a man. So she does that, but when she gets back to the Precinct, people have moved on. It’s not the same place she left. The dynamics have changed and she basically has to adapt or she’s not going to be able to do her job. It’s definitely a tough transition back.

Can you talk a little bit about what’s in store for Andy’s co-workers this season?
Tracy is still dealing with her grief over losing Jerry and has her own conflicts when it comes to moving forward. Chris Diaz is sill trying to figure out things with his son, how to make it work being a father unexpectedly what that means for him in this job. Oliver Shaw is working through his own family things and fans will get to see a bit more about his personal life. While Dov will take a vow of celibacy, deciding after last season’s drama to focus on his job. Of course, a girl comes into his life in a very unexpected way and it’s very funny. There’s a lot of comedy this year. The stakes are still dangerous, but there are a lot of new characters who add a lot of humor to the show this year.

And finally, putting on your writer’s cap is there anything you’d like to see for your character in the future?
I don’t know how to answer that because I grow with Andy. Every time I come back to the show I’ve either experienced things and I can bring to the character or, more often than not, something happens in my real life where I think, “Oh, I’ve been here before.” The writer’s are just so good, and I enjoy the process so much I really don’t have any idea of where I’d like the character to go because it all seems so organic. From growth as a woman to balancing personal and professional, I’m just enjoying the ride!

ROOKIE BLUE airs Thursdays at 10PM on ABC (Global in Canada)