TV Trope Alert: TWO AND A HALF MEN Looking to Add Half A Woman

Well, it took 10 seasons and 225 episodes, but TWO AND A HALF MEN finally did the impossible: Made us laugh. Specifically with the news that the inexplicably popular CBS sitcom will introduce a new female series regular character to the cast next fall.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the show — no doubt at the behest of meddling CBS suits desperate to rekindle the ratings magic that was the hallmark of the show’s earlier years — is looking for a young actress in her late teens or early twenties to show up at Walden Schmidt’s (Ashton Kutcher) doorstep claiming to be the daughter of the not-so-dearly departed Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). According to us, the only way we’ll support such a blatantly jump-the-shark-esque manoeuvre is if the writing staff show a sense of humor about it and name the new character Olive.

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