Most Likely to Win Everything: After record breaking ratings and rave reviews, you can bet that BEHIND THE CANDELABRA stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will very soon be trading in their Candelabras for a handful of Emmy and Golden Globes.

Most Fitting Tribute: THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS gathered the real-life friends, co-workers and family of the late Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) for a tear-soaked remembrance of the soap’s legendary star.
Oddest Living Arrangements: Matthew Perry turned his former Malibu residence into a sober-living home in which men can transition from rehab to the real world. Sounds like a reality series just waiting to be picked up!
Biggest Backlash: Almost immediately after Netflix released new episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, critics began picking it apart. Apparently, absence didn’t make everyone’s heart grow fonder. In related news, 95 percent of the country continued to remain as oblivious to the show’s existence as they had been during its run on Fox.
Worst Host: Seriously, why is Jeff Foxworthy even on THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION? Not that he’s the biggest problem with the show, but still…
Nastiest Premise: Take the worst office backstabbers, slackers and manipulators you can imagine, let them throw one another under a bus, give them the power to fire one another, let them all know who makes how much, film the whole thing on a budget of about $12 and you’ve got DOES SOMEBODY HAVE TO GO?
Least Likely To Be Missed: Deadline reported that Ashely Madekwe’s REVENGE alter ego — also named Ashley — will be written out in season 3. We blame last year’s writers, who majorly dropped the ball where the vixen’s connection to (and flings with) Daniel and Conrad was concerned.
Most Convoluted Story: GENERAL HOSPITAL revealed that the mystery man wandering around Port Charles over the past few weeks was none other than Franco, the maniacal artist/serial killer formerly played by James Franco and now portrayed by Roger Howarth… who only a few weeks earlier had been playing Todd on the show and continues to be seen in that role on the web version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE.
Best Prank: Apparently, Shonda Rhimes punked notorious prankster Josh Malina by having his SCANDAL character, David, die in one version of the script.
Silliest Programming Move: Fox will air the final six episodes of CULT in two-hour blocks. Because what nobody wanted to sit through for an hour will no doubt be twice as appealing in larger chunks.
Most Explosive Development: The National Enquirer reported that BACHELORETTE hunk Brandon Andreen was once arrested after making a fake bomb threat.
News Only Insomniacs Care About: People having trouble sleeping will now be able to turn to TVGN to be lulled to sleep by BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK — formerly aired by Showtime and better known as the most boring thing since Puppy Bowl. Yeah, we said it.

Who Oprah Shoulda Listened To: Seeing as the debut of the primetime sudser THE HAVE AND HAVE NOTS was a ratings winner for OWN, we can’t help think the former queen of all media should have listened to soap fans who begged her to resurrect ALL MY CHILDREN and/or ONE LIFE TO LIVE on her channel.

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