FALLING SKIES Season 3 Preview: New Aliens, New Allies, New Enemies and Lots of Explosive Secrets

When we last saw our heroes, they had been welcomed into Charleston, albeit in the most rocky and mistrustful fashion.  For not only had our heroes not come alone, they had brought a mutual enemy to the Charleston doorstep.  Rebel skitters or not, the survivors in Charleston were not quite ready to align with an alien species – even one that would help them fight back against the Espheni.  In the previous two seasons, our heroes not only fought off skitters and their never-ending stream of mechs, they had managed to strike back against the Espheni overlords.  They had proven that it was possible to fight for the planet; and the war was not over yet.  That kind of triumph of human spirit and ingenuity made Charleston take notice of the 2nd Mass.
So as the third season opens, time has not stood still and it is seven months later.  The time in between has been a time of rest, recuperation and rediscovering the joy of human connection.  The blossoming romances of Tom (Noah Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood), as well as Maggie (Sarah Carter) and Hal (Drew Roy), have moved from tentative declarations of feelings to the stage of established cohabitation.  Life on the run taught all of them to embrace those they love and hold onto them tight.  So while love is in the air and there is the bloom of happiness on each, peace remains elusive.  The Espheni are not pleased that the rebels have continued to recruit and rebuild; nor that they have found a new ally. 
In the last scene of the second season, a new alien species had made its way to Earth.  The Volm had arrived – and they were not on friendly terms with the Espheni.  The classic saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to have played a vital role with the arrival of the Volm.  But the question remains, can the Volm really be trusted?  Are they aligning with the Charleston survivors out of altruism to help overthrow the Espheni, or are they looking for a way to eradicate their competing enemy for a planet rich in resources?
There is still a lot of fear hovering over them all.  Tom has taken a leadership position that places a multitude of demands on his time; but all he wants to do is spend the time he can with Anne and their new baby on the way.  The Mason boys Hal, Ben (Connor Jessup) and Matt (Maxim Knight) have found ways to occupy their time and yet it always seems to lead each of them into all kinds of trouble.  Hal’s world was rocked by a crippling disability and being infected by the alien eye-bug has not made it easy in the battle for his own body and mind.  Ben is torn by the offer to be freed from the spikes, but lose his enhanced abilities. And Matt is in desperate need of some quality supervision to keep him out of mischief. 
Then we dare not forget about the strong women of the 2nd Mass.  Maggie’s full time job is keeping an eye on Hal, to make sure he does not pose a threat to himself or others. Then Anne is about ready to bring a new life into the world and she is anxious to see that her baby is healthy, strong and safe from all the unknown threats still lurking nearby.  And not to be forgotten is Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), who has readily stepped up and taken over the survivors’ medical needs as Anne is forced to rest.
But with each step forward, there remains danger from all sides.  With a tragic death comes the realization that there is a mole in their camp and someone is not only selling out their secrets and jeopardizing their missions, but that the traitor will not hesitate to take a life.  While fingers are quick to be pointed at the new allies, viewers will see that the shadowed assassin looks distinctly human. 
Fear, uncertainty and distrust begins to erode the carefully constructed alliances and puts everyone on edge.  This next season is all about who to trust and why. 
Yet even with a traitor in their midst and tensions high, unexpected new friends also surface that will give them a reason to have hope that they can still go forward with their plans to show the Espheni that continuing to occupy Earth is a losing proposition.  Plus, as the resistance grows, as new tools are discovered, more and more weaknesses of the Espheni are revealed.  The occupying aliens are not infallible or invincible. 
Fortunately for the 2nd Mass and the Charleston survivors, Tom Mason never doubts for one second in the humans’ ability to reclaim their planet; and, miraculously and step-by-step, they are doing just that. 
The third season of FALLING SKIES takes viewers back into the murky and dangerous world of aliens, freedom fighters, and explosive weaponry.  The fight for the planet continues and the war never stops.  Seeing what happens next will surprise, delight and shock everyone.  A few fun teasers:  keep a close eye on Hal and Anne’s baby.  All is definitely not right in the world and they are instrumental in figuring it all out.  Also, look for the fun introduction of Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. Gidare, who offers a unique skill set to help the rebels.
To see all the fun surprises, be sure to tune in for the 2-hour third season premiere of FALLING SKIES on Sunday, June 9th at 9PM on TNT.

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