THE NEWSROOM First Look: A Cornucopia of Character Posters

Despite the fact that your very own TV Addict has yet to decide how he really feels about Aaron Sorkin’s latest opus (Preachy and sexist or enlightening and entertaining?), there is one thing we can’t argue with. When THE NEWSROOM returns to HBO (and HBO Canada) this Sunday July 14th at 10PM for its much anticipated second season, we know where we’ll be: Sitting comfortably on our couch watching! Until then, we’ll be busy enjoying these perfectly pompous and self-important character portrait posters that, let’s face it, doesn’t exactly do the series any favors when it comes to fixing Sorkin’s somewhat blow-hardy image! But hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself after the jump.

THE NEWSROOM returns to HBO (and HBO Canada) on Sunday July 14 at 10PM.