Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Product Tie-Ins We’re Shocked Nobody Has Thought Of!

This week, it was announced that one of the TODDLERS & TIARAS moms is going to be marketing an energy drink for kids. Given how often women on the TLC series are shown stuffing their children with sugar, it seems a natural fit. Here are some other products — inspired by current shows — we’d love to see hit the market!

When Roger Howarth was playing GENERAL HOSPITAL’s constantly quipping Todd, our pals who tweet for @soapsindepthabc would send out his latest funnies with the hashtag #TheWitAndWisdomOfToddManning. Howarth is now playing a different character — one formerly played by no less than James Franco — so perhaps it’s time to release a tie-in book, “The Wit And Wisdom Of Franco.”

Heaven knows SURVIVOR’s Phillip was well known for his pink granny panties. Why not market them to… well, we’re not sure who the target audience would be, but something tells us people would buy them!

Since REVOLUTION was all about a world in which there was no power (until they went and restored it in the finale), NBC — which loves to tout how green it is — could market a series of “Save The Power, Save The World” light switches to remind folks to turn off the lights before leaving home.

Vegetarians will tell you that meat eaters are one step away from cannibals, so we’d lvoe to see THE WALKING DEAD release a whole line of cannibal treats… brains, ribs and other animal bits marinated in a blood-red sauce!

As evidenced during her breathless coverage of trials ranging from Casey Anthony to Jodi Arias, Nancy Grace loves nothing more than to find new and exciting ways to describe horrific crimes and those who commit them. What fan of hers wouldn’t want to own a Killer Word Of The Day desk calendar! Why describe your mother-in-law as a liar when you can call her a caluminator!

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