Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Gregory Smith Talks ROOKIE BLUE’s Return

In an effort to remind fans that ROOKIE BLUE is back following a two-week NBA Finals imposed hiatus, your very own TV Addict had the pleasure of catching up with one of his all-time favorite small screen stars, actor Gregory Smith. So just what did have to say about tonight’s episode, his burgeoning career behind the camera and what he’d be doing had this whole acting thing not worked out as well as it did?! See for yourself, after the jump.

What’s in store for you character during tonight’s ROOKIE BLUE returN?
Gregory Smith: At the end of episode two, Dov sort of hooked up with a girl at a bar. At the beginning of episode three [Airing tonight at 10PM on ABC and Global in Canada] he’ll realize that the girl at the bar is his new partner Chloe, that they’re going to be working together and that his small indiscretion is going to have much larger consequences! It’s a lot of fun and kind of the ultimate walk, or ride of shame.

Between Dov on ROOKIE BLUE and Ephram on EVERWOOD you seem to be playing a lot of characters who are unlucky in love. Do you ever sit and wonder what writers of these episodes might be seeing in you personally!?
[Laughs] It’s funny for me because it always kind of comes in groups. Before [EVERWOOD/ROOKIE BLUE] there was a period of time where I played a lot of characters that got shot. My character’s death would always serve as the impetus for the young leading man to go out into the world and kill everyone! I just get on this roll and I’m always curious about what is going to be the next thing. 

Aside from acting you’ve started directing. Is it difficult to juggle both jobs, do you have a preference, and might you one day direct one of [EVERWOOD Creator] Greg Berlanti’s 84 [!] different shows currently on the air?
I would love to direct for Greg [Berlanti] one day. The first episode I ever really officially shadowed a director on was an episode of ELI STONE. A friend of mine was directing, a guy I knew from EVERWOOD, and he said, “Okay, but I have to check with Greg first.” And Greg of course welcomed me with open arms and was incredibly generous so a lot of this all started with Greg and that would be a really nice way to come full circle one day. I’m directing an episode of SAVING HOPE next week which I’m not acting on which will be my first professional gig just as a director. So I’m both excited and interested to see how that’s going to go. That said, acting is my first love and I’d always like to be able to do both.

You’ve been acting all your life. Had your career not worked out as well as it did, what would your plan “B” have been?
Oh man, I ask myself that question too often probably and I have no idea. I’m very lucky that I’m still acting, but it I wasn’t I’m sure I’d probably figure something out involving most likely stuff behind the scenes. Photography or cinematography. My Dad is a producer, my brothers are all actors, had I said I wanted to be a Doctor or a lawyer my parents probably would have disowned me!

And finally, while I promised myself I wouldn’t ask you about bringing back EVERWOOD via a Kickstarter project I’m about your thoughts on all the excitement surrounding the intersection of technology, fandom and entertainment?
Well, I don’t know if it’s about technology as much as it is about the fans. It’s not like any actor or person or show can do a Kickstarter and it will happen. It’s more about having an audience of fan base that decides to really get behind something and show enough support and are vocal enough about that support. I think they can will things into existence.

ROOKIE BLUE airs Thursdays at 10PM on ABC (Global TV in Canada)

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