You Be the Critic: Starz Unveils OUTLANDER Lead Sam Heughan

You Be the Critic: Starz Unveils OUTLANDER Lead Sam Heughan

This afternoon, Starz released the news that Ronald D. Moore’s OUTLANDER series has officially cast Scottish actor Sam Heughan in the leading role of Jamie Fraser. Not being familiar with the book series on which the show is based upon ourselves, we thought we’d turn it over to you — our far smarter and better looking readers — for an opinion. Is Sam Heughan whom you envisioned as the lead of Diana Gabaldon’s internationally best-selling series? Have your say after the jump.


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  • Jessica BS

    That’ll do, Starz. That’ll do.

  • April

    Frankly, Sam Heughan is more Jamie than the Jamie I envisioned while reading the books. Fans like me had a lot of anxiety over who would be cast–there have been a lot of terrible suggestions over the years–and none of us could agree on anyone. But Sam Heughan is spot on.

    Most importantly, he’s Scottish. Add to that fact, he’s 6′ 3″, has those trademark blue slanted Fraser cat eyes in a strong comely face and you just can’t go wrong.

    We’ve studiously viewed his showreel and voiceovers on Youtube and we agree he’s a solid actor who can convey the strength and sensitivity of this enigmatic character with the proper accent!

    We can hardly wait to see him in a kilt!

  • Janet

    Young Jamie, YES! Older Jamie…. no, 🙁

  • MissT

    You need to go read the book! lol