THE BRIDGE: Introducing FX’s Hot New Murder Mystery

From the initial moments of the new series THE BRIDGE, it becomes apparent that there is something more than a mere murder going on.  For one, the body has been carefully placed, half in Mexico and half in the U.S., on the bridge connecting the two countries at the border.  Better yet, at each step of the investigation, a new significant surprise awaits. It also leads to a very thorny political issue of why U.S. crimes are pursued more diligently than crimes right across the border in Mexico.  The killer is not intent on simply killing, he has a very dark message; one which he uses many disturbing methods to convey.
By the nature of the crime, law enforcement from both countries are suddenly entangled.  The questions of jurisdiction and resources are a hotbed of issues.  Stepping up from both sides, we are introduced to Detective Sonya Cross  (Diane Kruger) and Detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir).  Sonya is a stringent, no nonsense type who wants protocol followed to the letter.  She also has Asperger’s Syndrome, which means she tends to be a bit abrasive and thoughtlessly outspoken.  While she comes across robotic with her drive to track down the killer, as further episodes reveal, even Sonya has a softer side.  Protective of Sonya is her boss, Lt. Hand Wade (Ted Levine) who knows that while her disability may make her difficult to work with, her investigations are flawless and they yield results.
Sonya’s Mexican police counterpart Det. Carlos Ruiz is a bit more flexible, as well as genuinely warm and welcoming to everyone he meets.  His flirtatiousness would be more worrisome if he were not such a dedicated family man, with a loving wife and children.  So while Sonya comes across like a dog with a bone, Marco is a happy puppy willing to share.  Pairing these two very dissimilar detectives together ends up being the secret strength to the show, as watching their tentative steps towards friendship and professional respect aligns their criminal investigations to bring the ruthless and vicious killer to justice.  Together they make a very compelling series.
Another key character introduced right away is Charlotte Milwright (Annabeth Gish); a woman of money and influence who finds herself caught up in a cross-border dilemma that will haunt her throughout the episodes to come.  She soon learns that being married to the right man does not guarantee the cushy life that she envisioned as she begins to uncover her husband’s private activities, which include a few unsavory business ventures that literally start to stalk her.

Rounding out this colorful bunch of characters is Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard), the investigative reporter who is immediately targeted by the killer and swept up in events beyond his control.  Frye with his wily sense of when there’s a great story right under his nose, finds all kinds of creative ways to trip up the investigation and tangles a great deal with the police and the killer, making it an explosive relationship in more ways than one.
THE BRIDGE is a layered story of murder, intrigue, passion, politics and the seedy underside both countries.  Exposing one, exposes another and there are a lot of dirty secrets people want to keep buried.  And there’s a lot more bodies out there than just the one on the bridge.
A serial killer with a political agenda is incredibly dangerous.  But even more dangerous may be the people whose secrets he wishes to bring to light.
Watching Sonya and Marco pull upon the strands of their investigation and seeing where each leads is fascinating.  Even more riveting is watching how Sonya and Marco figure out a way to be partners working together.  They are both determined to see justice done. Yet the more they investigate, the more such a heinous crime seems unfathomable.  The clues begin piling up, but the motive and identity of the killer more elusive.
To see how this fascinating, gritty series unfolds, be sure to watch the premiere of THE BRIDGE on Wednesday, July 10th at 10PM on FX (FX Canada in Canada).

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