Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons We, As TV Lovers, Are Grumpy This Week!

chris pratt shirtless

We could blame our foul mood on the weather or the economy or, heck, even on our doctor’s refusal to up our dosage of happy pills. But we suspect the real cause of our malaise is that some of the TV-related news these days is just bumming us out. Such as? Well, here are just five examples.

HAPPY ENDINGS ain’t coming back.
Creator David Caspe told TVLine that a deal to continue the show on USA was “as close as it could come without happening.” We’re looking for someone to blame, and the closest we can come is to assume that, to quote the beloved show, “the curse of Max’s lovehandles has struck again!”

Meredith Viera is getting a talk show.
While we’re sure Ms. Viera is a lovely lady, the last thing television needs is yet another chatfest.

Chris Pratt went and got hot on us.
We’ve loved crushing on the PARKS AND RECREATION star and even had the nerve to think of him as “getable” thanks to his everyman physique. Then on Sunday, he went and posted an instagram pic of his buffed out bod, a result of “six months [of] no beer.”

Jenna Elfman.
Sure, Elfman is adorable and all, so it’s not like we hate that she replaced Parker Posey on NBC’s upcoming sitcom GROWING UP FISHER. But we find Posey so much more interesting an actress that it’s kinda like ordering lobster and being served imitation crab meat.

Ryan Seacrest’s new job.
He’ll be hosting NBC’s MILLION SECOND QUIZ. Apparently, somebody out there thinks that we’re dying for Seacrest to host everything. Could someone please give us that person’s contact information so that we can inform them that they’re mistaken?

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  • shanna bowie

    I’m okay with Chris Pratt being hot. Never angry about that

  • spartan_Cheer

    add in the news about donald glover only being in 5 episodes of community next year:(