Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Second Bananas We Love!

Everyone loves a winner. But here at, we tend to favor the also-rans. You know, the people who never quite get to steal the spotlight, yet somehow manage to make off with our hearts. Here are a few we can’t help loving!

While we have an awful suspicion that things won’t end well for the intriguing, androgynous chick played by Bex Taylor-Klaus in her attention-grabbing debut role, Holder’s unlikely little buddy has shot to the top of our list where scene stealers are concerned!

The more Salem University Hospital’s staff administrator needles nemesis Jen, the more we love her (and portrayer Anne Milbauer). We know Jen’s the heroine in this scenario, but Anne’s the one we love… to hate!

We were heartbroken when Sue and her flamboyant former flame broke things off, but thankful that both he and portrayer Brock Ciarlelli have stuck around. We’re anxiously awaiting the day Brad finally realizes that he is, in fact… a vegetarian.

So far, Wendi McLendon-Covey has only made two appearances as Cam’s lesbian frenemy, but we’d love to see her recur more often. Just imagine how crushed Cam would be if Pam became besties with Gloria!

The secretaries, DALLAS
During this primetime sudser’s original run, the ladies who kept track of JR and Bobby’s affairs — personal and professional — became beloved players. (Who can forget the tragic moment when JR’s secretary/lover, Julie Grey — played by everyone’s favorite ginger Ginger, Tina Louise — fell to her death?) So far, the women who keep Ewing Energies running haven’t been given much to do, but we’re hoping they’ll eventually prove as loveable as Bobby’s former assistant, Phyllis!

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