Guiltiest Pleasure: Seemingly the entire world — including celebs like Mia Farrow and CNN’s Jake Tapper — live-tweeted Syfy’s cheesetacular SHARKNADO.

Why Your Wife Suddenly Wants To Get Starz: Hunky Sam Heughan was cast as the lead in the network’s upcoming adaptation of the bestselling Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.

Actor Having The Best Week: Chris Pratt not only tweeted pics of his newly buff bod, but inspired the folks at PARKS & RECREATION to set their season premiere in London since he’s filming a flick there!
Best Fit: Elisabeth Hasselbeck traded THE VIEW — where she was the lone voice of dissent — for a job at FOX & FRIENDS, where she’ll replace Gretchen Carlson… and nobody is likely to notice because they’re kinda the same person.
Most Pointless Event: Walking punchline James Franco reported that he’s being roasted by the folks at Comedy Central. 
Silliest Controversy: Los Angeles — long known as the center of morality in this country — refused to put up PROJECT RUNWAY posters featuring nude models who are so airbrushed that they actually show less skin than most Hollywood starlets do on any given red carpet. 
Least Likely To Actually Air: Bravo is developing a series called FORTUNE, based on the Charles Dickens novel Bleak House. Seeing as it’s unlikely to land them weekly coverage by Life & Style, we don’t see this going into production unless it’s cast entirely with “real” housewives and given a “making of” companion piece focusing on the backstage turmoil.
Happiest Character: Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill’s relationship hit the skids right after it went public. THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Leonard can now brag that he stole Penny out from under Superman.
Duh: In the least shocking development ever, Netflix announced they are “in talks” to do another season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Expect this to be a topic of conversation for the next three years.
Easiest Quote To Read Between The Lines Of: Paula Deen ditched her legal team and hired new lawyers. Why? The originals were “out of their depth.” In other words, “This ish got real deep, real quick.”

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