CEDAR COVE Preview: You’re Invited to Visit a Heart-Warming New Hallmark Channel Series

The best thing about Hallmark Channel movies and TV shows is that they know how to deliver a story that touches your heart.  In their newest series, they take viewers to the small town of Cedar Cove, which is inhabited with familiar faces, warm tales, and lush scenery that will slowly draw you into their idyllic world.

Andie MacDowell stars, portraying Olivia Lockhart, a small town judge who has her hands full with property disputes, marital cases, missing persons, and perhaps a murder or two.  Having recently turned down a federal judgeship, it is soon clear that new town editor Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal) may have been one of the reasons keeping her in Cedar Cove.  With romance blossoming and a few thorny town issues to mediate, Judge Lockhart proves to be the heart of the town and the show.

Then like mother, like daughter. Olivia’s daughter Justine (Sarah Smyth) also has her eye on a new beau as her contentious engagement with a brash businessman falls apart.  After a local fisherman Seth (Greyston Holt) returns, sparks soon start to fly between the former young lovers.

Also having everyone’s back and yet facing her own crumbling marriage is Olivia’s best friend Grace (Teryl Rothery).  Cedar Cove is so small that everyone knows their neighbors and gossip runs through faster than a wildfire.  Yet knowing everyone’s business can be reassuring and a life-saver in more ways than one.  Just ask the unknown elderly man found unconscious as soon as he arrived in town; for as he quickly finds that in Cedar Cove, it helps when people take an interest and help you out.

So with Olivia, Justine, Grace and everyone else’s lives intersecting and fully entangled, there are lots of rich stories to tell about life in Cedar Cove.  The first episode features the town’s efforts to save the local lighthouse and Olivia’s creative solution comes as a surprise.  Subsequent episodes will look into the mystery of the old man and whether a local bed-and-breakfast guest was a victim of murder.

Piece by piece all the mysteries will be answered, and you will find yourself falling under the CEDAR Cove spell.  It is just the sort of small town you want to visit from time to time.  So make a point of checking out CEDAR COVE for its 2-hour premiere on Saturday, July 20th at 8:00 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.

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