We Check Into (and Survive) a night partying in the BATES MOTEL at San Diego Comic-Con!

One must never turn down an invitation to stay at the Bates Motel, and especially when invited to be special guests of Norma and Norman Bates.  Making its first party debut at San Diego Comic-Con, BATES MOTEL spared no expense in recreating some of its iconic imagery using authentic set pieces to decorate for its party.  Coming off an incredibly successful and riveting first season, the series is celebrating not only its second season renewal, but also the Emmy nomination secured for its star Vera Farmiga.  So the entire cast brought their dancing shoes and were ready to party with fans, friends and press in an exclusive 3-tiered party in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.  With a room featuring its own mock “weed” farm with an abundance of home-made brownies on hand and a wall showcasing the loving Bates family and a few of Norman’s taxidermy projects on display and well-chosen beverages to accentuate the night, the party started off on a high note and only continued to ramp up as the night went on.

One of the funnest party features was the mock Bates bedroom where party goers could pose for the photo booth and recreate their favorite death scenes from the show.  With mock toy knives and other accoutrements, the photos that guests posed for were hilarious as they reenacted scenes.

Also popular was the sushi bar on the 3rd level near the VIP area that allowed guests to mingle freely with the stars and pose for a picture or two for their scrapbooks.  The entire party was a fun tribute to the show and made everyone feel like they got be a part of the Bates world if only for an evening.

Hosted by A&E along with The Hollywood Reporter, the event was a raging success and was brimming at the seams as guests mingled and shared in the Bates experience. It is an event to be remembered as a highlight from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as everyone got to unleash their inner killer, if only for an hour or two in the safe confines of the mock Bates Motel.  Receiving Bates Motel key chains and a “I survived a night in the Bates Motel” goodie bag, along with the photo booth stills capturing the Bates fantasies, everyone got a little special something to take home from the party.

Having indulged an a tweet-fest to remember the occasion, it was a fun night that will be remembered for years to come.  Looking forward to next year’s party when San Diego Comic-Con undoubtedly celebrates BATES MOTEL again in 2014!Surviving a night partying in BATES MOTEL at San Diego Comic-Con!

Bates Motel Party San Diego Comic Con 2013

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Photo Credits: Jennifer Schadel and Tiffany Vogt

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  • Jessica Edmondson

    Love the picture! Staying in the Bates Motel sounds like a total blast. Thanks for sharing!