Fall TV Preview: Barry Sloane Talks REVENGE Season 3

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When we left off in the Season 2 cliffhanger ending, the fate of Aiden Mathis was up in the air as Daniel had reached for Emily’s gun and we only saw Daniel wearing a bloodied shirt later back at the Graysons.  So it was thought that he may have killed Aiden.  But at the recent ABC Disney TCA party, star Barry Sloane candidly shared that Aiden’s fate is not so settled yet.

Assuming Aiden’s not dead and not in a coma, what’s the journey for Aiden in Season 3?
BARRY:  (Laughs) No, no, none of those things! This season is going to put Aiden in a different place.  He’s going to be siding with different people and we’re going to find out why he’s in the Hamptons in the first place. There’s so much we just don’t know about him.

Wasn’t it his love for Emily that drew him to the Hamptons?
BARRY: Obviously, that’s a given. Their relationship was a part of last season’s success as a duo and that’s a large part of what we do. But what I think was exciting with the duo was the tension when they were fighting against each other and I think we’ll be seeing more of that. Although there’s still sexual tension between them.

The sexual tension between them is amazing!
BARRY:  Early in the season, before episode 7 and before they kissed you could just feel it.  So we’ll probably have a bit more of that — because that was fun.

Does Aiden have kind of his own master plan now?
BARRY:  I think he’s always got his own plan, but he’s very much into helping out the team, as is Emily. It’s just less guns as he is going to control himself more. To be a part of this next season, he’s going to have to mingle in Hampton society a bit more and come out of the shadows and be a bit more visible and prominent as Aiden Mathis.  That’s going to be more exciting for me.

Can you tease who you’ll be working more with this next season?
BARRY:  (Laughs) People I wasn’t with last season.

We’d like to see Aiden go toe-to-toe with Victoria.
BARRY:  Me too.  I’ve been working with Madeline as Victoria, so we’ll see what happens.  Emily won’t be happy about that.

Is Jack still on Aiden’s radar?
BARRY:  Funny enough, I’m going to be working a lot with Nick as Jack this season.  The season 3 writers couldn’t believe that we hadn’t had any screen time at all. We had a scene together in the first episode of the season last year, so they have been around each other, but they really haven’t met.  So this season, they will meet more.

So much of both Jack and Aiden’s lives have been affected by each other as they circled around each other unknowingly last season. It will be interesting to see them interact a bit more.
BARRY:  I think so. Obviously Aiden knows that it is very dangerous for both Jack and Daniel, but in a 3-horse race, Aiden doesn’t like to lose.

What do you love about Aiden after having played him for an entire season?
BARRY: I love the guy.  He’s like a stiff man all the time, but if you put him in a room with Nolan, you can see the glint in his eye as feels more free to cut loose. So you’ll see a bit more of those facets of his personality.

To see exactly what Aiden is up to and if his goals will continue to align with Emily’s, be sure to tune in for the third season prier of REVENGE on September 29th on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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