Best Stance: PRISON BREAK’s Wentworth Miller (Pictured above with your very own TV Addict!) didn’t necessarily shock many people by coming out as gay, but his decision to do so in order to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws earned him a gold star in our book.

Most Echoed Line: TRUE BLOOD’s Eric wasn’t the only one shouting “Noooo!” as he burst into flames. Not that we believed for a second that the naked vamp’s goose was actually cooked (as confirmed by TVLine’s chat with showrunner Brian Buckner).

Worst Decision: How Adam Sklute — artistic director of the ballet company at the heart of BREAKING POINTE — chose to keep Zach over Ian, we’ll never understand. Then again, we’re not the artistic director of anything other than our own highly-criticized wardrobe…

Best Showdown: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s sassy siblings, Brooke and Katie, went another couple rounds over the man both love.

Unlikeliest Conservative Hero: After saying “opportunity looks a lot like hard work” at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS, Jobs star Ashton Kutcher was praised by such right wingers as Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin… who ironically quit her job as Alaska’s governor and is currently… um… hmmm. Unemployed?

Hands Most In Need Of Registering As A Deadly Weapon: Last week, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Liz slapped Tracy. This week, she slapped beau A.J. We’re hoping she next crosses over to PROJECT RUNWAY and gives Ken a much-needed slug!

Best Break-up: In the wake of the National Cancer Coalition being named one of the worst charities in the country, BREAKING BAD stopped directing traffic from to the organization’s page.

Train Wreck We’re Glad Nobody Watched: Actions are more powerful than words, so hearing Lindsay Lohan tell Oprah that she’s (yet again) a changed woman wasn’t worth listening to according to the small audience that watched the interview. (By comparison, OWN’s stellar sudser THE HAVES & HAVE NOTS’ latest outing got twice the viewers and got an order for additional episodes.)

Train Wreck We Admit To Wishing We Could Watch: Forget America’s BIG BROTHER. We want to watch “teen bride” Courtney Stodden on the UK’s celebrity version of the reality series!

Sudsiest Real-Life Development: GENERAL HOSPITAL star Kirsten Storms (Maxie) announced she was married to and pregnant by former co-star Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny).

Coolest Remake: NBC is looking to make a series based on the flick Reality Bites. With the movie’s original director (Ben Stiller) and writer (Helen Childress) on board, we’re cautiously optimistic.

Biggest Mini News: Discovery Channel revealed that they’re planning to remake the classic miniseries NORTH AND SOUTH.

Most Sarcastic Tweet: “Rupert again?” tweeted SURVIVOR host Jeff Probst after the latest cast was announced. “Isn’t his 15 mintues up already? Evidently, he got a Groupon for another go.”

Sexiest Town: With the addition of Robert Buckley to the populace, HART OF DIXIE’s Bluebell officially became the hottest spot on the map.

Most Pointless Trash-Talking: GLEE production assistant Nancy Motes went public with the fact that superstar half-sis Julia Roberts taunted her about being overweight. Why? Um… yeah, that’s what we’ve been asking, too.

Going, Going… Not Quite Gone: After all the hoopla (read: not much) about Randy Jackson leaving the increasingly tired AMERICAN IDOL, it was announced this week that he’d actually be sticking around as a mentor.

Anniversary We’re Happiest To Celebrate: THE SOUP marked it’s 500th episode with a live outing. Here’s hoping host it continues for another 500 so Joel McHale can continue watching all the stuff we don’t have time to and telling us what we missed!

Good News/Bad News/Badder News: As happy as we are that Eliza Coupe landed a part on THE MILLERS, it reminds us yet again that HAPPY ENDINGS is really, most sincerely dead. Plus, it means that despite the show looking God awful, we really will have to watch it now.

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