LUTHER Season 3 Preview: John Luther’s Worst Nightmare Comes To Life

After the previous two seasons of LUTHER, it is hard to imagine how things could get any worse for Detective Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba). He lost his wife, his best friend, tested his sanity, nearly cost him his job, and he was nearly framed for a murder; not to mention all the heinous criminals that seemed intent on destroying his last bit of sanity.  Yet Season 3 is going to take John Luther to the brink yet again — and this time it might push him over.

Over 4 consecutive nights BBC America will air the 4-part mystery series involving two distinct types of criminals: one is a stalker with a shoe-fetish who seems to have come back from the dead; the other is a man determined to exact his revenge as brutally as possible, who then turns his fixation on Luther when he is interrupted.  Criminals with obsessions and who are methodical in their planning of crimes are the most terrifying.  They plan, plot and wait until everything is just perfect to spring their trap.  It then is up to Luther to outwit them and beat them to their next victim — and keep the spotlight off himself lest he invoke their ire.  But Luther is not a cautious man.  He is intent only on saving lives and catching killers before they strike again; even at the risk of exposing himself.

And Luther never quite foresees that killers are not only intent on making him pay, but those around him.  Everyone in his life is a potential target.  So when John meets yet another fetching young woman, you are tempted to scream, “Run!” at your television screen.  But this is television and what would LUTHER be if not for a bit more heart-pounding excitement and a personal stake in stopping these killers for Luther.

The other thing hovering around Luther is the pesky, nosy I.A. investigators who are intent on pinning a crime on him — whether he committed it or not.  Detective Erin Gray (Nikki Amuka-Bird) returns to shake up Luther’s world and turn the spotlight on his self-serving, over-the-line ways.  The question is whether Luther’s partner D.I. Justin Ripley (Warren Brown) will betray his trust and have his back? Much of Season 3 of LUTHER involves questions of partners and lovers and trust.  How much do you trust someone?  The answers are surprising. 

Finally, dare we whisper it, but there is always the chance that Luther’s fixated killer friend Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) may make an appearance or two when you least expect it.  Since she was M.I.A. at the end of Season 2, it would only make sense that she pop up now and stir things up so that she has a part to play in all the fun.  Besides, in Alice’s mind, the only person who should have Luther in the cross-hairs is her — although she has less deadly intentions in mind.

So with two diabolical killers to track and stop, internal affairs stalking him, and a potential new love interest hovering in the wings, John Luther has his hands full.  But what we love most about him is that he makes it all look so easy.  There is something innately sexy and appealing about a man who is so self-assured and confident in every move that he makes.  Plus, Elba just oozes charm in every scene that it is impossible to not fervently wish we could spend more time with John Luther each season. 

Make a point of catching the 4-part murder-mystery adventure in Season 3 of LUTHER, which stars Tuesday, September 3rd and then airs each subsequent night ’til its final conclusion on Friday, September 6th at 10:00 p.m. on BBC America.  It will be heart-pounding, nightmare-inspiring, and cheer-worthy all at once.  Join in the LUTHER obsession and enjoy the ride!

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