Best Dressed: Alyssa Milano will be hosting the new season of PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS.
Best Bad Economic News: Proving that contrary to popular opinion, Americans won’t actually buy anything, AdWeek reports that the Kardashian clothing line has been a big ol’ bomb for Sears.
Most Loving Tribute: Fans wept their way through two episodes of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS featuring the memorial service for beloved character Katherine Chancellor, played by the late-and-equally-loved Jeanne Cooper.
Busiest Actress: As if playing on THE GOOD WIFE and TRUE BLOOD wasn’t enough, Carrie Preston booked a recurring gig on THE FOLLOWING! Apparently, Hollywood needs more gingers… although we’re perfectly happy to see this one land every role!

Most Unexpected Twist: Accused racist/BIG BROTHER contestant Aaryn had an interesting character witness step forward: her black prom date!

Worst Cliffhanger: Prospect Park announced that ONE LIFE TO LIVE — the soap they brought back from the dead — had suspended production.

Oddest Tie-in: DANCING WITH THE STARS announced it will launch a make-up line. Dang. We had $50 on them marketing glittered tassels!
Biggest Baby: Proving yet again that he can dish it out, but he can’t take it, Donald Trump reacted to a conversation between Jay Leno and Bill Maher, the faux-tycoon-turned-reality-star/birther took to Twitter to, in his oh-so-eloquent way, declare “Jay sucks!.”
Most Ironic Timeslot: Although we sort of assumed Alec Baldwin’s temper would eventually land him behind bars, he instead got a Friday night show on MSNBC… replacing one of that network’s endless weekend reruns of LOCKUP.
Worst Move: Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate has decided to air DAYS OF OUR LIVES at 1AM, possibly because of the show’s uber-popular gay storyline. Or maybe they’re just really, really, really late in responding to the 1995 story in which Satan put in an appearance to possess Marlena.
Proof That Crimes Does Pay: BREAKING BAD set a Guiness World Record by becoming the best reviewed show in Metacritic history.

Grossest Defense: When asked who was responsible for Franco’s mass-murder spree if not the mad artist himself, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Diane gleefully presented the true culprit… a huge tumor removed from his brain and stored in a jar!

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