HAVEN Central: Richard Donat and John Dunsworth Teasingly Talk Season 4 of HAVEN

One thing is for certain, when you talk with Richard Donat and John Dunsworth, you never know who you are going to be talking with. As long-accomplished actors, both can seamlessly switch in and out of character, and it makes for a hilarious interview. (If you watch the video interview below, you will see exactly what I mean!) One of the funny responses was to the question about whether we will be seeing Dave and Vince Teague interact with HAVEN’s new characters Jennifer (Emma Lahana) and Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo) and John was quick to quip, “No hanging out with Crockers!” While they do not want anything to do with the nefarious side of Duke Crocker’s (Eric Balfour) family and their dark legacy, Richard and John were happy to drop clues about Jennifer’s curious role and how Episode 410 will introduce a big surprise. They also shared that Dwight’s (Adam Copeland) plans disrupt a few of the Teagues’ plans, and that unsurprisingly the brothers may be on opposite sides yet again this season. One of the strengths and curiosities to the Teague brothers is how their many, many secrets have tied them together while they still work from different sides of the HAVEN-world.

Outside of the mysteries and curious alliances in HAVEN, both Richard and John were quick to admit how much fun it is working on the show. In some ways, it is like a little vacation that they enjoy each year and they appreciate it thoroughly. They were also just as effusive towards their castmates, who they admired in being able to rapidly memorize pages upon pages of dialogue, sometimes overnight.

Richard and John also hilariously weighed in on their character’s attractions and preference towards the various Audrey Parker incarnations. But mostly they loved how Emily Rose was able to bring each incarnation to life with such subtle variety.

As for how they would describe Season 4 of HAVEN, Richard said it felt like an “escalation” and John cryptically described it as “contagion.” Whoa. Those are strong words for Season 4. They also made sure to emphasize that each episode has a bit of a cliffhanger. HAVEN is not about wrapping up stories in each episode this year. It is just one big story with lots of surprises. Fans should be prepared.

To hear from Richard and John directly and to see their fun-loving humor first-hand, here’s the video of their interview:

HAVEN returns for its 4th season on Friday, September 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. #DiscoverHaven

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