The TV Addict Quick-Hit: DADS

In a Nutshell: Childhood friends played by (Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi) see their lives turned upside down when their Dads (Peter Riegert, and Martin Mull) move in.

When and Where: Tuesdays at 8PM on FOX (City in Canada).

The Good: Fans of Seth MacFarlane’s trademark brand of humour (Think: FAMILY GUY, “Ted” and/or his rendition of “Boobs” during this past year’s Oscar Ceremony!) will be right at home with his first foray into the live action sitcom world.

The Bad: A potent mix of mildly offensive and downright juvenile one-liners revolving around race, sexual orientation and gender aren’t nearly as funny when they’re coming out of the mouths of Seth Green and Martin Mull versus the likes of Peter and Stewie Griffin.

The Verdict:. DADS is DOA.

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