HAVEN Central: A Quick Tease from Writer Shernold Edwards About Audrey/Duke Relationship in HAVEN

For Audrey/Duke fans, one of the standout episodes of Season 3 was “Magic Hour, part 1” written by Shernold Edwards (Pictured above, left). Daring to take the characters to the brink of a romantic liaison while on a road trip, Shernold made sure that the sparks flew and shipper hearts were aflutter at the possibilities.  While the show ultimately stepped back from that romantic moment, fans were never quite certain of the door to the Audrey/Duke romance had been closed forever. 

In this brief video interview, Shernold talks about the Audrey/Duke relationship and whether all hope is lost:

Check back on Friday, November 9th for part 2 of Shernold’s interview as she talks about Episode 409, another of her carefully crafted episodes which will reveal a lot about our heroes’ journeys this season.

HAVEN returns for its 4th season on Friday, September 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. Perhaps a spark was lit again when Audrey and Duke disappeared into that barn at the end of Season 3! #DiscoverHaven

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