Question We Don’t Really Care About The Answer To: With his E! show canceled after one season, it looks like his fans will be asking, “What WILL Ryan Lochte do?”

Least Self-Aware Therapist: Before bringing back a controversial past guest, Dr. Phil viewers to tweet “and use the hashtag Khalood” before asking, “Is that what it’s come to?” He then went on to accuse Khalood of being addicted to the drama… which he fed by putting her back on TV.

Coolest Stage: Queen Latifah’s new chatfest features a huge, fun set designed by Lenny Kravitz that is fit for… well, a queen!

Lamest Ending: After 11 rambling, often maddeningly pointless episodes, SIBERIA’s finale failed to answer any questions and left the few viewers still paying attention wishing NBC hadn’t bothered with a summer series.

Most Fun Casting Game: The Late Shift author Bill Carter offered up a who’s who of names being considered for the role of Johnny Carson in the miniseries adaptation of the host’s biography. Our fave? John Slattery.
The Deja Vu Award Goes To… : TNT, who will air Steven Bochco’s MURDER IN THE FIRST, a series tracking one homicide over the course of 10 episodes and sounds an awful lot like his 1995 series MURDER ONE.

Scariest Move By A Network: Despite spin-offs having a notoriously bad track record (AFTERMASH, anyone?), AMC is relying heavily on them in the future with offshoots for both THE WALKING DEAD and BREAKING BAD planned.

Best Recurring Gag: Every time THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Eric kisses a woman, the scarily judgmental portrait of his late wife, Stephanie, falls off the wall!

Denial We’re Inclined To Believe: Julie Chen denied having gotten a nose job in the past. Why does that ring true? Because she has admitted to the far more controversial decision to have her eyes altered to look “bigger” only a few weeks ago.

Most Mixed Message: We can’t decide if the folks at COMMUNITY were being good sports when they hung a banner in honor of their receiving zero Emmy nominations… or poking a stick in the eye of those who helmed the show in former-and-current showrunner Dan Harmon’s absence!

Most Sought-After Spoiler: With the MAD MEN finale being taped a year before it will air, the race is on to see who’ll be able to uncover the details and ruin the ending for fans.

Best Gossip: Danny Roberts from the New Orleans season of THE REAL WORLD revealed on Bravo’s WHAT WHAT HAPPENS LIVE that he had a fling with a straight castmate. Which one? Let the guessing games begin!

Smartest Hunk: THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Cane actually realized would-be lover Hilary had drugged him and turned the tables on the manipulative minx.

Oddest Relationship: THE MINDY PROJECT’s title character went from engaged to almost married to sort of dumped to in a long-distance relationship in the course of 30 minutes.
Best Reaction: GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Franco had the cajones to tell BLT-loving, murder-plotting loon Heather that all the bacon in the world was gone. “Don’t even joke about that!” she barked, and we had to agree!

Most Frustrating Contestant: Despite his inability to swim having caused him major problems during his first stint on SURVIVOR, Gervase returned without having taken a few lessons.

Best Offer: The Australian Tourism Board said they’d foot the bill if the MODERN FAMILY cast head down under to film an episode. Should the ABC sitcom reject the offer, we’ll gladly do a special Australia-centric version of the Week In Rewind! That’s just as good… right?

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