The TV Addict Quick-Hit: MOM

In a nutshell: Newly single sober mom Christy (Anna Faris), reconnects with her estranged mom (Allison Janney) in an attempt to make a better life for herself and her kids.

When and Where: Mondays at 9:30PM on CBS (City in Canada)

The Good: The hilarious and highly watchable mother-daughter-duo of Anna Faris (“Scary Movie”) and Allison Janney (THE WEST WING) manage to elevate what otherwise could have been another laugh-free Chuck Lorre sitcom.

The Bad: Despite its lovely leading ladies, MOM is still a Chuck Lorre sitcom. Which means viewers should brace themselves for his trademark over-reliance on juvenile sexual innuendo and penchant for cheap laughs.

The Verdict: Anna Faris and Allison Janney FTW!

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