Fondest Farewell: The only thing we’ll miss more than the weekly mis-adventures of BREAKING BAD’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are the insanely creative and passionate comments, criticisms, gifs and memes that flowed from the fandom following each and every episode.

Quote Of The Week: “Are we Gladiators or are we bitches?” asked SCANDAL’s Harrison in the season premiere.
Lamest Cameo: If AGENTS OF SHIELD really wants to be taken seriously as a series, it’s going to have to stop luring viewers with been-there-done-that post-credit cameos and start penning interesting stories.

Easiest Fix: With one simple line — “Let’s never say the words ‘Carrion’ or ‘Initiative’ again.” — REVENGE got itself back on track after last year’s awful derailment.
Coolest Prop: How can you not love THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s ginormous gem that our pals at Soaps In Depth have dubbed The Electric Boogaloo Blue Diamond?
Best Casting: Rob Lowe will be playing a former tennis star turned country club PRO, which seems as natural a fit as suggesting Courtney Stodden play a dumb blonde.
Earliest Halloween Treat: FOX announced creep-fest SLEEPY HOLLOW will get a second season.
Oddest Remark: During an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello about the government shutdown, Republican Congressman Todd Rokita made things a tad uncomfortable by ending with, “Carol, you’re beautiful, but you need to be honest as well.”
Saddest Farewell: Anyone not crying by the time NCIS’s Ziva told Tony “You’re so… loved,” may be deader inside than even we are. Or at least claim to be. And no, that wasn’t a tear on our cheek. Allergies!
Funniest Feud: After being forced to move into Stefano’s mansion, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Sami and her father-in-law had a tiff about his infamous taste in music with his beloved “Ride Of The Valkyries” blaring in the background.
Biggest Understatement: “You’re confused,” said THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Shadow Stefan/Silas as the mythology-heavy series plunged into a fifth season guaranteed to leave potential new viewers baffled within the first 10 minutes.
Proof That Sex Doesn’t Actually Sell: Despite endless promos of Jerry O’Connell in a banana hammock — pretty much the only thing CBS used to sell WE ARE MEN — the sitcom debuted to awful ratings.
Least Likely To Be Cubicle Buddies: Alec Baldwin hasn’t even officially started his job as an MSNBC personality, and he’s already landed in a bit of hot water thanks to several since-deleted tweets about the network’s morning host, Joe Scarborough, and his “Hannity-esque Catholic school gym teacher style.”
Best Calling Out: Like viewers, SURVIVOR host Jeff Probst was clearly fed up with Colton when the whiner quit for the second time, even revealing he’d faked his illness the first time around!

Blink And You’ll Miss It: LUCKY 7’s ratings are so low it’s likely to have been axed by the time you finish reading this sentence.

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