Best Line: “Everyone wants to talk about how he died… but who cares?” said GLEE’s Kurt regarding the death of his brother, Finn and, by extension, the controversial passing of portrayer Cory Monteith. “One moment in his whole life. I care more about how he lived.”

Biggest Cop-Out: Despite being better equipped than most shows to reach a young audience with a powerful message, GLEE took the easy way out by never directly addressing how Finn died. They could have used the death of the character and his portrayer as exactly the kind of teaching moment they’ve become known for over the years.

Most Timely: Sorry, LAW & ORDER, but THE GOOD WIFE — with its robotic telecommuters and tales about suing the NSA — isn’t ripping stories from the headlines… it’s writing the ones we’ll read six months from now.

Why We’re Drinking Wine Before Noon: According to, several stars of the 80s sudser FALCON CREST have been approached about the possibility of launching a reboot.

Best Reaction: HOMELAND’s Morgan Saylor is fine with her alter-ego, troubled teen Dana, being hated by the audience. “Characters are not always supposed to be loved,” she told The Daily Beast.

Best Re-Gifting: The last time we enjoyed a tasty treat as much as those passed-around blueberry muffins made by REVENGE’s Nolan, they were brownies with something a little extra in them.

Craziest Kiss: GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Faison planted a liplock on the object of his obsession, Anna… only to find out it was actually his babymama, Obrecht, wearing a prosthetic mask that allowed her to look like her romantic rival!

Least Shocking Cancellation: The only surprising thing about WE ARE MEN being axed is that it happened after the second episode rather than the first.

Best Use Of History: By having JJ discover that the now-dead father he’d put up on a pedestal was a former rapist, DAYS OF OUR LIVES took a sordid page from a beloved character’s past and turned it into compelling story for his son in the present.

Earliest Pick-up: The CW ordered additional episodes of THE ORIGINALS and TOMORROW PEOPLE without waiting to see the second-week numbers, as well as the yet-to-even-debut REIGN.

Saddest Gossip: Was the animosity between GLEE creator Ryan Murphy and former star Diana Aragon the reason she wasn’t invited to take part in the show’s tribute to the late Cory Monteith… or was it a scheduling conflict? One seems a whole lot more believable than the other, and it’s not the nicer of the two.

Biggest Blindside: SURVIVOR’s Culpepper went from top dog to persona non grata thanks to an unexpected twist during this week’s tribal council.

Least Proud “Parent”: According to reports, Ellen DeGeneres, executive producer of Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, wants her name removed from the ratings-challenged show’s credits.

Best Time Warp: THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN will return… via a comic book picking up where the show’s final season ended.

Weirdest Question: Who didn’t hit the rewind button when GREY’S ANATOMY’s April got tipsy and asked Arizona, “Can I try on your leg?”

Least Likely To Twerk: Miley Cyrus may have played everyone’s favorite wig-wearing Disney heroine, but as of now, all of the tunes she crooned for HANNAH MONTANA are listed on iTunes as having been sung by the non-existent pop queen.

Biggest Waste Of Time: While Nielsen’s new Twitter Ratings Report may be fun, it’s beyond pointless given the complete lack of correlation between tweets and ratings, not to mention that they do not distinguish between negative and positive remarks.

Weirdest Change Of Venue: The good news for Fox News Channel? Jon Stewart stopped slamming their fact-free broadcasts. The bad? He instead focused on the ludicrous new set — featuring humongous iPad-like screens — from which Shep Smith now broadcasts.

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