Our 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of Television’s Past!

By: Emily Cottone

Happy Halloween TV Addicts! I love Halloween and every year I get way too excited about picking out my costume (I’m going as Liz Lemon by the way. It felt right. Thus, in honor of this spooktacular holiday I compiled a list of some of the best costumes worn by some of my favorite television characters.

Lutz (30 ROCK)

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Bobba Fett is a bad-ass bounty hunter while Lutz is well…just the absolute worst. Thanks Lutz, I guess George Lucas didn’t ruin Star Wars enough already!

Emily Cottone has been a TV addict since she her awkward middle school days when she realized the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were her longest and most stable relationships. Even though she has long since managed to establish actual human connections television remains one of her very best friends. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyTalksTV.

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  • Tomasz G.

    I wish you included Felicity as Bride of Frankenstein, that is my all time favourite;D