THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Scoop: Madeleine Mantock Talks Astrid’s Next Move

Being the best friend to a superhero is never easy.  In the case of Astrid Finch (Madeleine Mantock), it is even harder as she did not know her friend Stephen (Robbie Amell) was a superhero — that is until the day she literally saw him disappear into thin air.  You have to give Astrid credit, she was smart enough to simply ask him.  Unfortunately, Stephen was not ready to admit to his super-special abilities just yet.  Whether he was just trying to protect Astrid, or he did not think she could handle knowing that he was part of an evolved species, Stephen’s denial and attempt to keep Astrid in the “safe zone” is about to backfire.  For once someone knows about the Tomorrow People, there is no going back.  Astrid may not know that there is an entire species at war with the humans and fighting for their survival, but she definitely knows that reality as she knew it does not exist in the same way anymore.  In a recent exclusive interview, co-star Madeleine Mantock talked about what is going through Astrid’s mind and what her next move may be.

What drew you to THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and the role of Astrid?
MADELEINE:  I had no seen the original show, but who doesn’t love the idea about a show with people with superpowers?!  As for Astrid, I knew she was a human, but I liked the idea that she was so close to somebody who was so important to the Tomorrow People.  As Stephen’s best friend, she may or may not be privy to some inside knowledge.  I think that is pretty cool — a world where humans inhabit the Earth, but there are also people who are are a little bit different that Astrid doesn’t know about. But I think she is beginning to be a bit more in the know now.

What is the one quality you most admire about Astrid at this point?
MADELEINE:  I’d say her loyalty.  She is very, very loyal to Stephen.  They still have their ups-and-downs.  But definitely, her loyalty.

Astrid has seen Stephen teleport and she tried to confront him about it and he blew her off.  Is Astrid going to start spying on him or is she going to push him further to find out what is going on?
MADELEINE:  I think she’s more likely to spy, only because she tried to push and that resulted in no answers. So she decides to follow him and find out what exactly he is doing.

Will this become a point of contention between Stephen and Astrid and push them apart, or will it somehow bring them together?
MADELEINE: There is a period in Episode 4 where they are apart, and she kind of keeps her head down, but later they start talking again.  She’s trying to be strict with him and not let him get away with anything.  They are friends and she feels he should tell her what is going on.  I imagine in the relationship that is very important to her that he’s okay. 

Is Astrid really ready for the world of the Tomorrow People? Is she going to be accepting of it or is it too much for her?
MADELEINE:  I think as a whole the world of the Tomorrow People is a bit much.  I hope that she would be able to accept it. But their whole world is a lot to take on. 

How would you describe Astrid’s journey this season?
MADELEINE: For quite a while, she’s primarily Stephen’s friend and he’s able to use her as a soundboard.  But as the series goes on with more Tomorrow People, both good and bad, there’s more opportunity for Astrid to be put in danger.  We will also learn more about her, who she is and her life when Stephen is not around, and how she handles the pressure.

Which of the characters would you like to see Astrid interact more with on the show?
MADELEINE:  All of them!  And I’d really love to work with Mark [Pellegrino].  When I see him onscreen, I think, “How is he doing that? He’s so good!”  And I’m laughing because he’s doing such a fantastic job and we want to know how he’s doing it.  I also really want to work with Peyton [List].  I’m not sure how our characters would interact, but it would be quite an interesting scene.  Then Luke Mitchell’s character is fun.  It would be hilarious to work with him and Aaron [Yoo].

So far, what has been the funnest thing you’ve gotten to do on the show?
MADELEINE:  (Laughs)  I can’t tell you, but it’s in this next episode and you’ll know what it is when you see it. 

So what teasers can you offer about this new episode and what is upcoming?
MADELEINE:  It’s a fantastic episode.  It’s funny, full of action, there’s a lot of tension and scary possibilities as well.  There’s a whole lot of interesting things going on with Stephen and his involvement with Ultra and the Tomorrow People.  It’s a brilliant episode and I hope people love it!

To see if Astrid finally finds more out about Stephen and whether that puts her in the crossfire between Ultra and the Tomorrow People, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE on Wednesday, November 6th at 9PM on The CW (7PM on CTV in Canada).  Secrets cannot stay hidden forever.

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