Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with AGENTS OF SHIELD Star Chloe Bennett, Who Teases Tonight’s THORny Episode!

Just how big of an episode is does tonight’s installment of AGENTS OF SHIELD promise to be? Super big! After-all, not only does “The Well” pick up in the aftermath of the events that took place during THOR: THE DARK WORLD, but actress Chloe Bennett carved some time out of her busy schedule to chat it up with See what she had to say about her whirlwind year, tonight’s THORny episode and whether or not co-star Clark Gregg is as much fun to work with as he appears to be on screen, for yourself, after the jump.

Scoring a role on AGENTS OF SHIELD as your first regular series gig seems to be quite the way to start out a promising career in television! What can you say about what a year it has been?
Chloe Bennett: Looking back on this time last year, it really is insane how much things have changed. It’s both mind-blowing and bizarre.I’ll be on set shooting scenes where SHIELD’s airplane is getting hijacked and I will look over to my cast mates and say, “Guys we’re on the set of AGENTS OF SHIELD!” And they’ll be like, “Yes Chloe, we know!” But it’s surreal and I don’t ever want to get used to it/

Tonight’s episode picks up in the aftermath of THOR 2, what can you tease?
These Gods [Thor and Loki] make such a mess don’t they? They think they can just come down with their awesomely good looking hair and we’ll clean things up! Well, basically SHIELD is cleaning things up when we stumble across an Asgardian relic. This particular relic, when touched, causes an enormous amount of rage, which naturally causes an enormous amount of drama! It’s a really great episode.

Many fans have picked up on a spark between your character Skye and Brett Dalton’s Grant Ward. Is a relationship between the two characters something you’d like to see or is it simply an indicator of your natural off set chemistry?
Brett and I are great friends on and off screen, that said, I think Skye and Ward are meant to be. I’m not sure when it will happen mind you, but I think they’re perfect for each other in a really weird way. They’re both loners and so different, yet at the same time similar in that they really just want to find out the truth

Speaking of truth, despite being set in the world of comic books, it would appear that Skye’s involvement in the Rising Tide is timely in the sense of all the news about the NSA and Edward Snowden that has come to light this year. Is that something that’s discussed on set?
It’s definitely been discussed and my character has certainly sparked my interest to read up on the subjects, but as an actor I think Skye mainly does what she does to find the truth. In episode five she says that everything she does is to find out more about her parents and that’s her main goal. She’s a young woman who doesn’t have family, many friends until she met SHIELD and I think in my mind, her motivating factor is finding family, not so much releasing government documents.

And finally, on a lighter note. Is working with Clark Gregg as much fun as we’d imagine?
Clark is amazing, he’s absolutely incredible, and our relationship is similar to that of Coulson and Sky in that he’s taken me under his wing. He’s been acting, like a pro, for so much longer than I have and he has taught me so much on set because I’m so green. Plus, he breaks out into rap and dance more than he probably should! He’s so much fun and bring such a great energy to the set. He’s the on screen and off screen leader of our cast.

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