Best Cliffhanger: Pretty much everyone knew it was coming, and yet the moment when GENERAL HOSPITAL’s supposedly-dead Robin crashed hubby Patrick’s wedding to Sabrina left fans dying for Monday to arrive!
Most Shocking Death: FAMILY GUY offed Stewie’s bestie, Brian… leading to accusations of shark-jumping and theories that he’d soon be resurrected.

Most Conflicting Death: PERSON OF INTEREST offed Detective Carter… leading to one of the most heart-palpitating, butt-kicking episode ever. #DarkReeseRises
Our Fondest Hope: With news that Aasif Mandvi has become the latest DAILY SHOW correspondent to land an HBO show, we can’t help thinking the time is right to reinvent the show. Ditch the second-string reports and allow Jon Stewart to divide this time between skewing the news, his brilliant media assessments and interviews.
Proof That Not Everybody Knows What A Tardis Is: Although the DOCTOR WHO lover in your life acted as if the 50th Anniversary Special was the biggest thing to hit television in the history of ever, only about 5 million people watched the BBC-America airing. Record setting, yes… but that says more about how few people watch the network than it does the success of the special. (Even in the show’s homeland, it was beaten by Britain’s version of DANCING WITH THE STARS!)
Funnest Gathering: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Hope hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for her extended clan that found ex-lovers, frenemies and flat-out rivals struggling to say nice things to — and about — one another!
Silliest Argument: Clearly feeling a need to amp up the drama in her “storyline,” THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS newbie Joyce got in Lisa’s face about her reaction to a hair-flip. Despite being on a show in which people have fights over the most ridiculous of things, Lisa’s reaction was to basically say, “Seriously?” and walk away dismissively.
Weirdest Coupling: Pretty much every media watcher on the planet scratched their heads upon hearing that Katie Couric — whose daily chatfest has been a dismal success — would next be going to… Yahoo?
Saddest Ending: Surely we aren’t the only ones who hoped that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher — once the poster couple for cougars getting their happily ever after — might work things out? But no, this week, the pair finalized their divorce.
Worst Creature On The Planet: While the entire cast of VANDERPUMP RULES could be considered in contention for this honor, the hands-down winner is without doubt Stassi Schroeder. To quote the self-absorbed waitress — and honey, it’d be worth remembering that you are, in fact, a waitress — “Go away, you’re annoying me.” 
Silliest Accusation: After being axed by MSNBC, Alec Baldwin accused “the fundamental wing of gay advocacy” for having sunk his battleship as opposed to taking responsibility for his own years-long refusal to deal with his anger management issues.
Coolest Reveal: Elizabeth Taylor’s great-grandson shared that he’d often munch on popcorn with his legendary relative while watching shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Because, as tabloids constantly try and convince us, celebs are just like us!

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    I’m guessing you still haven’t taken the time to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Without a doubt, one of the Top 5 best pop-cult shows in TV history.