The A-For-Effort-Award Goes To…: NBC for their live airing of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, which featured fantastic musical performances and acting that was… um… did we mention the fantastic musical performances?

Best Spittake: Eli’s reaction to a single word — “Peter” — capped a near-perfect episode of THE GOOD WIFE.

Creepiest Ad Campaign: Commercials featuring a whole lotta rats freaking people out aired during THE WALKING DEAD but gave no indication of what they were promoting. We now know it was for the upcoming frightfest THE STRAIN.

Most Desperate Move: How does an increasingly irrelevant reality show like THE REAL WORLD compete with its flashier, younger brethren? By pulling a cheap stunt like having people move into a house only to later learn that their exes will be moving in as well.

Funniest Reaction: Upon learning that Robin was the latest Port Charles resident to turn up alive, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Silas quipped, “Another back from the dead! Is it just me, or is there a lot of that going on in this town?”

Biggest Shock: We didn’t think even The Governor was cray-cray enough to kill THE WALKING DEAD’s Herschel!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift: Netflix announced that HOUSE OF CARDS will return for a second season on Cupid’s big day.

Most Scandalous Video: Of all the things DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Brady expected to see on the DVD left by runaway bride Kristen, her stripping and putting on a show was probably pretty low on the list!

Least Necessary Addition: LOST vet Rebecca Mader and ORIGINALS alum Alexandra Metz are joining the cast of ONCE UPON A TIME, a show which needs new characters about as badly as Simon Cowell needs lessons in how to be nasty.

Best News For Fat Celebs: THE BIGGEST LOSER — having gotten a ratings boost by the appearance of AMERICAN IDOL’s Ruben Studdard — are looking for other big-boned bold names to exploit. Er, feature.

Best Twist: “He’s not the monster,” said SCANDAL’s Olivia Pope of her dad, “she is!” Unfortunately, the “she” in question was the mom she’d just put on a plane out of the country!

Oddest Return: Dianna Agron will appear on GLEE’s 100th episode despite have been conspicuously absent during the episode paying tribute to the death of her on-screen babydaddy, Cory Monteith’s Finn.

Least Shocking Development Ever: Entertainment Weekly reports that FAMILY GUY will resurrect Brian Griffin next week. Turns out, not all dogs go to heaven.

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  • Kelly

    Finn wasn’t Quinn’s babydaddy. She acted like he was but Puck was the actual father of the baby. Finn was just Quinn’s off-on-again boyfriend