On the Set of THE ORIGINALS: Danielle Campbell, Leah Pipes and Charles Michael Davis Preview “The Casket Girls”

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This week’s all new episode of THE ORIGINALS is all about the female empowerment. Showcasing the tale of the New Orleans Casket Girls (young women brought from France to Louisiana to marry), THE ORIGINALS puts their spin on it with a street party, lavish costumes and some much needed female bonding.

When we last saw our vampire heroes before the winter break, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) declared his fealty to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and bequeathed his vampire crown to Klaus as the new vampire king of New Orleans. Then with Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) working hard to keep Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) safe and those she holds dear, and with all vampire-relations finally aligned again, that just leaves Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Camille (Leah Pipes), both chaffing under Klaus’ iron-clad rule.

Davina as an all-powerful witch and rebellious teen just wants to be free. She wants to live her life as a girl and have some fun. So hiding out in a church attic all the time is not how she wants to spend her precious teen years. Plus, if Marcel is no longer running things in New Orleans, why should she have to declare herself loyal to Klaus who has done nothing for her?

In addition, Cami has finally figured out a way to remember everything that Klaus keeps erasing out of her memories as audio recording all her movements seems to have paid off. Klaus’ compulsion powers do not work on mechanical devices, after all. And now that Cami knows what is really going on and who is responsible for all those blackouts, she is determined to change a few things as well.

So this puts Klaus squarely in the crosshairs with both Davina and Cami chaffing under their bondage and seeking to get free of his control; and he had better watch out of these two angry young women decide to team up against him.

As Danielle Campbell revealed during a visit to the set: “Davina figures out that she’s a pawn to everybody. After find that out, she’s done being used and she just wants a life for herself. She just wants all this to go away. She kind of takes the few friends that she knows and trusts and she takes back her life the only way that she believes she can. She confronts everyone and just calls them out on their game. That includes Elijah (Daniel Gillies).”

More of the interview with Danielle can be read HERE.

Then see what Leah Pipes teased about Cami’s efforts to take back her life as well:

In a rare turn of events, this is one time we may actually feel a bit sorry for Klaus. He always seems to be alienating women that he actually wants to care for and take care of. He bears no ill-will towards Davina, but he sees her as a “spoils of war” – the prize to be claimed upon quashing the vampire rebellion. As Marcel’s in-house witch, Klaus feels he is entitled to wield her magic as he sees fit. Alas, Davina is her own person and Klaus needs to recognize that. Her loyalty and devotion is earned, not demanded.

Likewise, Klaus’ attempt to protect Cami from the evils of the vampire-world and from remembering the pain over her brother’s betrayal and death is back-firing spectacularly. She does not see his blatant brain-washing as something helpful, loving and protective; Cami sees it as a mental assault and she is angry and frustrated. Cami may only be human, but she is a determined and resourceful that vows not to be ruled by Klaus’ tyranny and compulsory obedience.

In “The Casket Girls,” Klaus is going to have to deal with the myriad of women in his life and he is going to rue the day he thought women were inferior and helpless. Klaus may be immortal, but that does not make him immune to payback.

THE ORIGINALS Set Visit Behind-the-Scenes

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To see Klaus’ comeuppance, be sure to tune in for “The Casket Girls” on Tuesday, January 14th, with all new episodes airing subsequent Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

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