Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Everyone Should Aspire To Be Like Amy Poehler

amy poehler parks and recreation
By: Victoria Nelli

As the nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy Series were called at the GOLDEN GLOBES I sat on my couch, curled up in a ball, biting my nails.  Everyone who knows me, or has seen my twitter knows why.  Amy “The Queen” Poehler was nominated, and I was not prepared to see her lose again. (She won, and screams could be heard from a mile away) Not only does the PARKS AND RECREATION star make us laugh at award shows, SNL, and her movies, she also is one of the most humble and compassionate people in the entertainment business today.

Congresswoman Leslie Knope may be the most enthusiastic and over joyous, and overall adorable character in television history, no one loves their life or job more than Leslie.  PARKS AND RECREATION premiered on NBC April 9th 2009.  It started off a bit slow and didn’t really gain a following until its third season.  The show has since been nominated for countless awards and was recently picked up for a seventh season.  The people of Pawnee may not always be thrilled with   Ms. Knope, but we couldn’t be happier to get another season of this fantastic show.

Smart Girls At The Party, no this isn’t about that really bright girl in your biology class that somehow ended up at the huge frat party, it’s the title of Amy’s website.  A website, I highly recommend everyone check out!  A website that empowers young women, as well as offers them useful tips on how to live a happy and full life.  Poehler does a segment called “Ask Amy” where she answers questions that young girls ask, questions about school, boys, and family life.  She makes the videos as intimate as possible, no fancy color correction, or jaw dropping effects, just Amy on her computers webcam.
In Mindy Kaling’s book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” she explains, “Everyone has a moment when they discover they love Amy Poehler.”  Being that I have watched SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for the majority of my life I have been a fan of hers for a very long time.  But that was not the moment I discovered I loved Amy Poehler.  Nor was it when I laughed hysterically at her role in MEAN GIRLS, or during her phenomenal portrayal of congresswoman Leslie Knope on PARKS AND RECREATION.  Instead it was over this past summer, at the first day of my internship.  I was a nervous, intimidated, and at times nauseous intern.  There was an event going on and I heard Poehler would be making an appearance; I of course tried my best to prepare myself emotionally for the possibility of meeting my absolute hero. (Side note, no one, and I mean no one is ever emotionally prepared to meet their hero)  I went on about my day trying to keep the idea out of my mind, then, she walked into the room I was in.  And she was just as awesome and kind and wonderful as I hoped she would be, she greeted everyone in the room, whether they were a nervous intern, or the person in charge of the event. She headed for the elevator; my boss said “you take that elevator.”  I quickly jumped in!  Now, I was sharing breathing room with, who I believe to be one of the most wonderful people on this earth.  I turned, smiled, and then turned back around. (I was trying to act calm, but I am really not sure if I was crying or hyperventilating)  She stuck out her hand and said “Hi, I’m Amy, nice to meet you” I shook her hand and said it was nice to meet her as well. The doors opened and I went on with my job.  Yes, it was a quick, meaningless encounter, but to me I not only met my hero, but I saw how human she was, how kind and grounded she was, and I now realize why so many people adore her and root for her in everything she does.  There is a reason she gets hundreds of tweets about her from people in the industry saying how much they adore her, even though she’s not on twitter.  And there is a reason people get so frustrated when she doesn’t win awards.  She is a prime example of what not only a celebrity should be, but also what a person should be.  I am proud to call her my hero, and I hope she knows how truly grateful so many people are to have her. 

Have you seen this speech she gave about the Worldwide Orphans Foundation at the 2013 Variety’s Power of Women panel? Nuff said.

Victoria Nelli loves TV so much that she is paying $30,000 a year to learn about it in College. When she’s not learning about TV she enjoys writing about her favorite shows, interviewing anyone in the industry that will let her, and ranting about how underrated Parks and Recreation is. She is very much aware of her Netflix addiction, and no she will not be seeking help anytime soon. You can follow her on Twitter @VictoriaNelli