NASHVILLE Previewpalooza: “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” Sneak Peek!

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This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Wednesday January 29th episode of NASHVILLE. Direct from ABC, “Jeff is expecting Juliette to formally apologize for her behavior during her Grand Ole Opry ceremony, but at the last minute she has a change of heart and decides to standby the choices she’s made. Luke introduces Rayna to a power player that could help her get her distribution deal off the ground, and then surprises her with a NASCAR that is wrapped in Rayna Jayme’s graphics. Deacon is discovering his record deal might not be what he expected and Scarlett’s collaboration with Liam gets off to a rocky start. Will and Layla discover they aren’t all that different and find comfort in one another’s company and Teddy will stop at nothing to reveal Lamar’s connection to Peggy’s death.”

NASHVILLE "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right"

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  • Ally

    I love this show. So many great characters, good storylines, good writing overall. I wish so many of my shows weren’t bubble shows. I have a hard time getting excited for pilot season knowing shows like Nashville, Revolution, Parenthood, Reign and Hart of Dixie may not be renewed.