Why We’re Not Excited About HOW I MET YOUR DAD


Following last night’s late breaking news that the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER sorta-spinoff HOW I MET YOUR DAD has cast Greta Gerwig as Sally — the show’s central character described as a female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life — this TV addict feels the inexplicable need to get something off our chest.

We are not the least bit excited for this show.

With apologies in advance to indie darling Greta Gerwig (whose film credits include a plethora of movies we’ve never heard of like House of the Devil, Baghead and Frances Ha), not to mention the creative team spearheaded by pilot penner Emily Spivey (UP ALL NIGHT) and MOTHER masterminds Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, we simply can’t help ourselves. We’re still smarting from these past few lacklustre seasons of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Not-so-Fun-Fact: HOW I MET YOUR DAD’s raison d’être [Editor’s Note: We’ve always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence!] appears to be leaching off the surprising longevity and popularity of the nine-season-old MOTHER-ship. Suffice it to say, history has shown that when television shows are produced for purely monetary reasons you get the past two not-so-funny seasons of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, which we hate to say, has more than overstayed its welcome after CBS backed up the proverbial Brinks’ truck to keep it on the air. Or worse, the creatively vapid mess that is MARVEL’s AGENTS OF SHIELD. And while we don’t begrudge any company for wanting to make a show for the sole purpose of financial gain [Heck, it’s called show business, not show friends for a reason], we find it hard to believe that the creative team will be able to reproduce the spark that occurred when two then-relative unknown showrunners [Bays and Thomas] first introduced their intensely personal and semi-autobiographical labor of love that became the magic that was those first few seasons of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. We’re just sayin’

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