We Shine the Spotlight on TEEN WOLF Star Keahu Kahuanui

Keahu Kahuanui teen wolf
By: Victoria Nelli

Keahu Kahuanui plays Danny Mahealani on MTV’s smash hit TEEN WOLF, I spoke with him briefly about the show, his characters relationship with Ethan, as well as how he got into acting.

What drew you to the character, what about Danny intrigued you as an actor.
Keahu Kahuanui: It’s a bit of an awkward situation; I didn’t originally audition for Danny specifically, it was more about the show that originally drew me.

How has Danny’s relationship with Ethan changed since season two?
Danny isn’t exactly sure about their future, I think he has a reason to believe that Ethan isn’t the best match he thought he was.

How does it feel to be going into your third season on TEEN WOLF?
Honestly I’m very happy to be working, the show is doing so well. And to have the premiere be one of our biggest and most watched shows ever, I feel incredibly fortunate.

Aside from TEEN WOLF what shows are you watching right now! What are you loving on TV?
GAME OF THRONES! I’m a big fan of HOUSE OF CARDS, SUITS; it’s really hard to keep up with a lot of shows, but SCANDAL also. Those are probably some of my most watched right now, that I can keep up with.

Is there anyone specific you like working with on the show?
Everyone adds there certain quirks to their craft and their scene so it’s always fun to change it up, but I mean the great thing is a lot of times we are shooting so many different scenes at once that I get to see a good handful of the cast almost everyday that we work.

Were you a fan of the original Teen Wolf movies and television show? What do you think makes it different from your show?
I’m really a big fan of the originals, the show and the movie are so different from each other, and the show is much darker and a lot more serious. It isn’t as campy as the original movie, which is what makes the movie so great.

Any advice for young actors trying to break into the business?
Absolutely! Do everything you possibly can that involves acting.

So you originally went to college for engineering and international business, what made you choose to get into acting.
I was always artistically inclined and I was very involved in the drama program in high school and I think it was a tough decision to eventually depart from a technical and corporate career path. The artistic inclinations that I had growing up would not go away, so it was going to happen at some point.

You can watch TEEN WOLF on MTV, Mondays at 10:00 and you can follow Keahu on Twitter @KeahuKahuanui

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