Review: The GIRLS Are Growing Up

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By: Victoria Nelli

I have a confession to make, I haven’t watched GIRLS in about seven weeks, and I feel horrible about it. I feel like I forgot to call home and make sure the family is still doing okay, and that everything is still how I remember it. To my recent surprise everything is not how I remember it, everything is different and it has made me feel oddly proud.

After this past weekend I was feeling a bit nostalgic and grateful towards the utterly charming and adorable, Lena Dunham. I was lucky enough to attend her dress rehearsal for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, and somehow in between crying over how it was the best night of my life, and gushing over how I felt so privileged to have witnessed such an incredible show in person I realized, I haven’t watched GIRLS in an unhealthy amount of time. I miss my daily dose of the four offbeat girls whose lives I cant wait to watch unfold week after week. I missed the drama and constant shock value that is Dunham’s writing. And I missed the camaraderie and loyalty that these girls have to each other. I know Dunham is a big fan of Shonda Rhimes (Obviously, I mean who isn’t?) and I’ve always felt like Marnie (Allison Williams) and Hannah’s friendship is a lot like the story of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Grey. (Ellen Pompeo) How they struggle to keep common interests and are fixated on keeping each other in their lives, yet are overcome with rage the minute the other voices an opinion that disagrees from the other one.

I started my binge-watching marathon with the second episode of this season. As I got further and further into the season I noticed how different these people were. I noticed I wasn’t watching the same girls I’m used to seeing every Sunday on my TV. Then it hit me, the reason I didn’t recognize them is because it’s almost as if the roles reversed, like they’ve switched characters. When we first met Marnie in the beginning of the series she was happy, successful, and had a stable relationship. Hannah was anything but stable, she was begging her parents for money, I’m really not even sure what her and Adam (Adam Driver) were, and she definitely wasn’t the happiest person. Now that I am just about caught up to the current episode it’s like I’m watching a completely different show. Hannah has a well paying job that she is excelling at, her relationship with Adam has never been stronger, and she seems as though she is the most comfortable she has ever been with herself. All while Marnie is struggling to find descent work and isn’t event getting the attention she wants from Ray. (Alex Karpovsky)

So now I’m sure you’re wondering why in the opening I said I felt proud, well I do feel proud. I’m proud of Hannah for finally doing something and getting her life together. I’m proud that Shosh (Zosia Mamet) isn’t taking crap from anyone and is doing what she wants. Jessa will always be Jessa (Jemima Kirke); I really don’t think you can ever change her fully, I’m proud that she wont conform and change who she is. But, I am most proud of Marnie, she wallows in self-pity, blames her friends at some points for her miserable life, but for some reason I have always felt that Marnie is the strongest of them all. I’ve always felt like Marnie has this Mother kind of role and watches over them. She may get jealous and irritated with them but she truly enjoys their happiness and wants them to succeed. Maybe I am completely off with that theory but I have always felt that Marnie and Hannah need to balance each other, they both can’t be successful and they both can’t have their lives in the gutter. They need to lean on each other, and whether they are arguing over a house not in the Hamptons or whether or not they should sing a duet together on stage they need each other.

Dunham’s show really is a masterpiece, and is one hundred percent deserving of all the awards and praise it has received and continues to receive. She makes you think with her characters and very much focuses on them being full, well rounded people. At such a young age she has left her mark on the television world, she continues to amaze so many of us. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the girls; in the mean time I’ll be re-watching her totally awesome, kick ass episode of SNL!

Victoria Nelli loves TV so much that she is paying $30,000 a year to learn about it in College. When she’s not learning about TV she enjoys writing about her favorite shows, interviewing anyone in the industry that will let her, and ranting about how underrated Parks and Recreation is. She is very much aware of her Netflix addiction, and no she will not be seeking help anytime soon. You can follow her on Twitter @VictoriaNelli

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