We Shine the Spotlight on ARROW Star David Ramsey

David RamseyBy: Victoria Nelli

David Ramsey plays John Diggle on the CW smash hit ARROW, I spoke with Ramsey about what John’s upcoming challenges will be, what we can expect this season from his character Diggle, and his thoughts on the DEXTER series finale.

When the show killed off Tommy (Colin Donnell) in the first season finale it really raised the stakes in the sense of nobody is safe on the show. Does it make you fearful that your character is never safe?
David Ramsey: (Laughs) Yes! It makes me leery about my character, not so much because of Tommy but because I am an actor who is always looking for work in general. I think all actors, unless they’re the lead on the show are a little paranoid about their role. I was on DEXTER and I was always worried about that on that show as well. But I think to some degree we all are kind of expendable, everyone except for Oliver. (Stephen Amell) We all kind of wonder about that, who will be next and will that person be me?

Where do we find John in ARROW’s next new episode? It seems like a big one with John being introduced to the suicide squad?
You find John with Suicide Squad and how he has to work with them and it will be very interesting with the circumstances that lead to that. You also see some back story with John in Afghanistan, you’ll see how he met Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) his wife to be. And you’ll see some events that really shaped who he became and who he is.

How much of a challenge will it be for John to work with a bunch of criminals that he himself and Oliver have been fighting over the pas two seasons?
Incredibly! I don’t know if anyone on the show has a strong sense of honor as much as John does. Obviously working with people who are sworn criminals is not his ammo and that is something he is not ready to compromise with. This will provide a tremendous challenge to John but the greater good prevails and he has to do what he has to do to accomplish his mission.

Will Oliver and John’s relationship ever be the same after the episode?
Both of these men kind of have problems, and a forming strong bond, and strong relationships. And I think both of them are kind of isolated men in a way, they both have that journey of how to share and become more open. I think all of their experiences ultimately strengthen their relationship, because these two guys are going to remain partners and their bond is just going to become stronger and stronger. It’s going to be at times contentious and challenging for both of them as they grow into better crime fighting heroes and partners.

One imagines that John will be forced to make some big decisions in this episode; do you think he may regret those decisions in the future?
Yes, Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) he’s gonna have to work with her. And what’s going to come out of that may have some long lasting effects. And even though this episode might be getting away from the main point this story still connects to that. So, you will see some regret in terms of working with Amanda it also connects us to the bigger story.

How have you changed as an actor during the course of ARROW’s run so far?
Every week we come in and do another episode of ARROW and our jaws are always dropping in terms of what they’re giving the characters, how they’re ramping up the season. I think as an actor coming in every week and getting a new script that kind of connects me to my childhood. I was a big comic book freak, and seeing these characters come to life and get arrow eyes because they are the people I remember but they’ve been changed into this arrow universe. Seeing that every week is really a thrill that kind of connects me back to my childhood.

What did you think of the DEXTER finale; it got a lot of mixed reviews in the media, what’s your take on it?
My question is what do you do with Dexter? Do you kill him? I think you only have one of two choices, you either let him go and he lives with his demons, and he cannot live with anyone else because of this demon, which is the choice they made. Or you kill him. I think there is just no pleasing everybody, because some people think that type of evil has to die and other people will think that he’s such an incredible character that you can’t kill him he just can’t live with anyone else. I like the choice they made personally. I like the idea that he cannot get rid of the monkey on his back that he cannot get rid of his dark past, he lives with his demons and the demons will not let him live a normal life. I think that’s a much better story than him dying and that’s the end of DEXTER. I’m glad it’s not the end of DEXTER; maybe we might see a feature, who knows!

You can watch David on ARROW on The CW tonight at 8PM (CTV in Canada). And you can follow David on twitter at @david_ramsey

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