In the Mix: Adan Canto and Frankie Shaw Dish on MIXOLOGY

Adan Canto Frankie Shaw mixology
By: Victoria Nelli

I spoke with two of the stars of the new ABC spring breakout hit MIXOLOGY. The flirty bartender, Dominic played by Adan Canto and extremely competitive, Fab played by Frankie Shaw. We talked about what you will see in tonight’s episode, what we can expect to see in their back-story, and what other character in the show do they love.

How do Fab and Dominic interact in this episode?
Adan: We interact very sensually. At the end of the day we’re just two characters and what you see in the present is the bar life pretty much. With the flashbacks you go back and sort of see where everybody comes from and what their heart looks like and what kind of events made them become who they are. There are certain times at the bar when two characters start mixing up and talking to each other and you see why or how they could have also connected somehow in the past. I think Fab and Dominic have a similar sort of back-story, and we’ll see how they collide and what their reactions are.
Frankie: So much of the show is about how things aren’t always as they appear. So I think with Fab and Dominic that becomes apparent in this episode. They both seem to be this one way underneath, and then they discover they share a more personal storyline.

How does Jessica (Alexis Carra) come into the equation?
Frankie: Fab and Jessica grew up together and they have a long history and this is the first night they’ve seen each other since and they fall into the old pattern of having this competitive nature. They see this guy that they both think is cute, Dominic and they sort of start a friendly competition of who can get him.

Do you both want your characters to get together; do you think they would make a good match?
Adan: With this episode you’re going to realize that anything can happen.
Frankie: I mean we totally work well together!
Adan: Yeah, exactly! But you know everybody has a similar heart at the end of the day.

What will we see in Dominic’s back-story?
Adan: You’ll understand Dominic’s idealist nature, he’s got a heart, he’s got quite the heart this man and you kind of see this person. You always see him mixing drinks and if you ask me that’s a little cliché or boring but that’s good because now you’re ready for the back-story and get to see what this guy is really about.

What will we see with Fab’s back-story, will we see her interact with Jessica?
Frankie: She comes from this really difficult childhood and she has to kind of do everything for herself, so you see where her drive comes from and her need to survive. You see from the beginning how she is consumed with fashion and that’s her way to escape. She has a really funny back-story, and she always goes after what she wants, out of necessity, really, because she doesn’t want to get stuck in the same horrible life that her parents have.

Is there a character on the show you both really love?
Adan: I would have to say my favorite is Bruce (Andrew Santino) I really like the character they created and the character Andrew created also, the way it’s developed, the back-story, everything.
Frankie: I really love Liv (Kate Simses) and Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) both those girls, I think it’s so fun to watch Kate Simses play her sort of wide-eyed optimist and cluelessness, it always cracks me up.

You can watch MIXOLOGY tonight on ABC at 9:30. And you can follow Adan and Frankie on twitter at @adancanto and @frankieshawisag

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