PSA: A Friendly Neighborhood Warning From your Friends at ONCE UPON A TIME

ouat wicked witch
By: Sarah Stephens

Warning: There’s a Wicked Witch on the loose! Be on lookout for green smoke, brooms, and of course, flying monkeys. No one is safe. Not even Evil Queen, Regina, who graciously warns the citizens of Storybrooke to be on the lookout in this PSA. Check out the news flash straight from the Evil Queen below and be sure to tune into ONCE UPON A TIME Sundays at 8pm on ABC for updates on this wicked turn of events!

Sarah Stephens’s first and longest running TV addiction is with Days of Our Lives, starting at the age of four. Now a grown-up entertainment and pop culture addict, Sarah lives in Los Angeles where she watches too much TV, chases after all things Disney and writes. Follow her on Twitter @SnowWhite22.

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