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I spoke with Kate Simses, one of the stars of ABC’s bar comedy MIXOLOGY. We talked about Liv and Ron, what we can expect to see in Liv’s next flashback, and what’s in store for tonight’s episode.

What drew you to Liv as a character? What made you audition for her specifically?
What initially drew me to her was the way she was written in the pilot, she was a little bit snarky which is interesting because after the pilot she ended up not being that way at all. What initially drew me to her isn’t on the surface how she turns out to be, but the humor of the script stayed the same because we have some brilliant creators. It remains an equally fun character to play, if not more fun.

I spoke with your costar Blake (Lee) last week. I mentioned to him how I feel like Liv and Tom are absolutely perfect for each other. What do you think about that pairing?
I think that makes a ton of sense, I think they both are very sentimental people. They are both very soft and I think maybe once they meet, because they do meet later on, then maybe there will be some indication of that.

Who is your favorite couple on the show? Which couple do you think has the best chance of working out?
It’s funny because this isn’t necessarily a romantic couple, but I love Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) and Liv’s friendship. I feel like it’s a really genuine, unorthodox friendship. It’s been really fun to play and really fun to watch. In the first episode they don’t seem like they would necessarily be close friends because they are so different but as time goes on you see what that bond is.

What can we look forward to in Liv’s next flashback?
We go back to the office at one point, I love being in the office those are really fun scenes to play. It’s taken out of the bar and going into the workplace, so that’s fun. Also, there are some things with her fiancé [you] see what their hobbies are.

Can you tell us a little bit about what we will see in tonight’s episode?
Fab (Frankie Shaw) and Bruce (Andrew Santino) are going to explore their love/ hate relationship. Which started out as a hate relationship and they are going to see if there is some sort of attraction there. That’s really fun to watch because they are both hilarious and great, great characters. Then we’re going to see Liv and Maya with Jessica (Alexis Carra) there is a picture Jessica has from Ron (Adam Campbell) that he sent her when he initially asked her out online. So Maya and Liv look at this picture and it’s a certain part of his body and they don’t know that it’s Ron. They are enamored with this picture and they try to find out who in the bar does that body part belong to. I think Jessica and Ron get to start chatting again, so that’s interesting to see.

Will we ever see Liv’s fiancé at the bar?
We might! There’s an episode dedicated to Liv and Jim (David Clayton Rogers) and their relationship up until this point. So as Liv stays out later and later he may stop watching the cat and come on down to the bar and see what’s keeping her.

What else is in store for Liv this season? Will she end up with Ron? Is that something you would like to see happen with her?
I understand the sort of tough spot Liv is in; she has a lot of love for Jim but I would like to see her spread her wings a little bit, whether it’s with Ron, by herself, with someone else, or with Jim. I think it’s important that we all are truthful about what we want in life and that we’re able to even assess that and what we’ve constructed life to be and ask ourselves the tough questions. I would like to see Liv do that, and she is having a great time with Ron so maybe that is the best thing for her.

You can watch Kate on MIXOLOGY tonight at 9:30 on ABC, and can follow her on twitter at @KateSimses

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