When Child Stars Go Good: Candace Cameron Bure Talks NEIGHBORS, FULL HOUSE and DANCING WITH THE STARS


Mother, actor, producer, author, and now dancer, Candace Cameron Bure really does it all! I spoke with the lovely and talented actress about her guest role on the ABC family comedy THE NEIGHBORS, her time on FULL HOUSE, and how her experience on DANCING WITH THE STARS has been so far.

You’re an author, you’ve starred on hit sitcoms, how do you stay so content and grounded through it all?
Candace Cameron Bure: Thank you, you know my family means everything to me and I love what I do and being able to write, act, and produce, and dance on DANCING WITH THE STARS. I always just keep life in perspective, knowing that the true life I want to lead is with my family and with my children, and being a great mom and wife.

What was the best lesson you took away from working on FULL HOUSE?
Honestly it taught me the value of true friendship because honestly I’ve known those people since I’m ten years old and we’re all great friends today. It’s just something that’s so special. You travel, move away, create a new life, and you get married or have children and it’s just been an incredible thing to maintain all of these years.

How did it feel to come back and work with Scott (Weinger) again?
It was fantastic! Scott and I have remained friends since we were on FULL HOUSE. It was great; he gave me a call and said “Hey! You want to do me a favor and maybe do a little cameo on my show?” because he’s a writer and producer on THE NEIGHBORS and he said, “Steve and DJ, back together!” And I told him “I would love to.” Two days later we were on set filming it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your guest role on tonight’s episode?
It’s their season finale, so basically some of the neighbors are moving out and we’re a new couple that is moving into the neighborhood. In THE NEIGHBORS half of them are aliens and the rest are humans, but not everyone knows that some of these people are actually aliens. We’re moving in and it kind of leaves it as a cliffhanger, we’ll see what happens. The show doesn’t have its season three pick up yet, but if they get picked up it’s something that possibly might continue into season three.

How has the whole DANCING WITH THE STARS experience been for you so far?
It’s been one of the most wonderful things that I’ve done in my life; I really am having the time of my life doing the show. It’s a whole new experience, learning how to dance and to creatively do something different; everyone on here is just a class act. Just being on live television and performing, it’s been a blast. I’ve loved everyday of it.

(Couldn’t resist asking this question) Can we ever expect a FULL HOUSE reunion?
Never say never! We don’t have any plans to do one right now but who knows.

Would you ever want to do one?
I’m always up for it! I loved being a part of the show; we’re all still friends. It would have to be done the right way for everyone to want to do it, and really done well. The show has really left this incredible legacy so I think all of us are just cautious that if we did an official reunion that it was done well and not cheesy. We know there are so many reunion shows that come on that are really cheesy and you just wouldn’t want to end on that note.

You can watch Candace tonight at 8:30 on the season finale of THE NEIGHBORS on ABC as well as on DANCING WITH STARS on Monday at 8PM. For more information on ABC’s THE NEIGHBORS check out abc.com.

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