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Adam Campbell and Alexis Carra star on the hilarious singles comedy MIXOLOGY. They star as Ron, a suave playboy, and Jessica, a single mom of two who is hoping to find Mr. Right on her one night out. I spoke with Adam and Alexis about their characters chemistry, what we can expect to see in their flashbacks on tonight’s episode, and what we can look forward to this season.

Ron and Jessica are so different from each other how do you feel about their initial pairing?
Adam: I think they are quite a good match to be honest.
Alexis:: Me too!
Adam: They are both in a similar place in their lives, they’ve both had their wild and crazy years of partying and I think when they meet they’re refreshed by the fact that they are kind of looking for something a bit more serious and a bit more long term.
Alexis:: I agree I think they are searching for actual depth finally and maybe both of them aren’t quite sure what that is so they’re a little bit lost. You see in this episode and I am very curious to see what the fans think about how real the connection was between Jessica and Ron even if it was just online and how that presents a little bit of a love triangle. Its obvious that Liv (Kate Simses) and Ron have a great connection and it will be interesting for everyone to see how that unfolds. (Laughs)
Adam: That was an evil laugh!

Who do you think Liv should end up with? Do you think she should end up with Ron?
Adam: It’s tough to say because I know what happens, I think in this stage it looks like they are kind of cut out for each other. This connection that Ron has with Jessica that kind of maybe means they are meant to be together. Also Liv’s engaged, so she has a commitment to another man. She should do the right thing; I mean if you’re engaged to someone, traditionally you should marry them.
Alexis:: Yup, that’s usually what happens. I think that Liv should spend some time by herself. I’m kind of hoping Liv will have sort of a Beyonce moment and just kind of want to be her own thing and discover herself, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it ends with her character.

Aside from your characters, who are your favorite couples on the show?
Adam: My favorite couple is Cal (Craig Frank) and Kacey. (Vanessa Lengies)
Alexis:: Mine too!
Adam: I think they are such a cool couple, I think they are equally sort of ditsy. I love the idea of them ending up together because they would have really beautiful kids. Also I love the idea of them being spacey together, imagine them having a joint bank account or imagine them buying their first house, what a disaster that would be. I think the storyline for them would get really exciting if they ended up together.
Alexis:: Me too, well said. I’m gonna retweet that.

Jessica has kids and an ex husband, could you imagine Ron meeting her children? Do you think they would like him?
Alexis:: Jessica has a son and a daughter and I definitely think she wants a guy who has his act together, and who knows what he wants. She’s trying to use her last night of cleavage and well-toned booty and any kind of flare she still has left. In a way I think she feels she is going to have to dupe a guy into being with her because I don’t think she believes how awesome she is. Underneath it all I don’t think Jessica realizes that she is such an awesome person, which is why I think she comes in with the red dress and the high heels and the cleavage and all of that stuff, and I think she thinks Ron is an opportunity to get her out of her mediocre life, or so she thinks her mediocre life. I think that’s kind of her journey, her realizing that she actually does have a really great life and that she’s awesome exactly where she’s at.
Adam: And I think up until this point Ron has just been seeing woman as an opportunity to have a fun night, so he was more hanging out with party girls. Suddenly meeting Jessica for the first time he’s struck by this smart, genuinely intelligent person, and he realizes that maybe he’s been wasting his time on superficiality, and Jessica is the real deal.

What can we look forward to in both of your next flashbacks?
Adam: The flashback from this episode goes into how Jessica and Ron first started courting, without giving too much away it was done online. All of their communication was via text; it’s quite funny how the two of them revealed themselves to one another, quote unquote.
Alexis:: Yeah, quote unquote. (Laughs) you’ll see some selfie action as you saw from the MIXOLOGY twitter handle. It’s gonna be a fun episode, which we haven’t seen yet. We have no idea how it’s going to be edited together, tomorrow we will be seeing it for the first time.

Do you guys not typically see the episodes before they air?
Adam: We got to see the first six episodes before they aired, but after episode six we’re in the dark. We haven’t seen the remaining seven episodes. It’s exciting! Every night we’re kind of glued to the TV to see how each episode turned out.
Alexis:: Sometimes Adam literally glues himself to the TV!
Adam: I often take images literally.

What is something fun we can look forward to, maybe at the end of this season or in a flashback? What are any spoilers you can give us?
Alexis:: We’re not allowed to give any spoilers. (Laughs)
Adam: Today’s episode there are some really funny bits about ginger people, red heads and I find it to be really funny for that reason. If you like jokes about gingers this is the one for you.
Alexis:: And for those of you who don’t know what gingers are, those are people who have red hair. Adam comes from a different land.
Adam: (Laughs)
Alexis:: A different land with castles and where they call people with red hair gingers. Also, I think you’ll look forward to more mayhem with Frankie’s (Shaw) character, you never really know where it’s going to go with Fab. Not necessarily this episode but there’s some fun things that happen with her character down the line. The very last episode is a really funny one.

Which characters do you identify most with?
Alexis:: I would say Jessica; I think I am kind of an amalgamation of Maya (Ginger Gonzaga), Jessica, and Kacey. I think the only difference is I don’t have two kids in real life; I’m not a single mom. I have a lot of friends who are and I definitely channeled them for that, and a little bit of Frankie.
Adam: You’re schizophrenic.
Alexis:: Pretty much, I’m Sybil.
Adam: I’d say I’m most like Blake Lee’s character Tom, I’m clueless when it comes to bar etiquette and how to behave on a date, I’m pretty useless with all of that stuff so I relate to him with his awkwardness. (Laughs)

You can watch an all-new MIXOLOGY tonight on ABC at 9:30 and follow @MixologyABC on twitter for all news regarding the show.

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