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Kacey and Dominic have a lot to learn about life and love in tonight’s episode of MIXOLOGY! I spoke with Lengies about Kacey and Dominic’s relationship, why he goes to Tom for advice, and what we can look forward to in the last couple of episodes this season.

Kacey confronts Dominic (Adan Canto) this week! How does that go over?
Vanessa Lengies: I think this week you really get to see just how far Kacey is from reality. I don’t really think you’ve gotten to see a lot of how Kasey sees the world in the last coupe of episodes. So you’ll get a chance to be inside of her head in this episode. The flashback consists of moments at the bar and tit’s pretty funny. It’s almost like “Sliding Doors” where you see two versions of reality the whole episode.

How do Tom and Dominic interact? They’re so different from each other.
They are completely different from each other. This episode starts off with Dominic getting relationship advice from Blake’s (Lee) character. They couldn’t handle woman more differently, so I think it’s really perfect that Tom is the one giving Dom advice and that’s what surprises Kacey. She knows that Dom isn’t good for her but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s been in love with him the whole time they’ve been working together at the bar. His new Tom-like behavior throws her for a loop, and I think she falls back into thinking they could really be an item.

Will we see some more Cal (Craig Frank) and Kacey in this episode?
I think that Cal is doing something else in this episode. I know that they made sure the two characters were not together. The writers Jon (Lucas) and Scott (Moore) always joked this season was keeping our characters away from each other because they were too perfect for each other.

Will Cal and Kacey get together before the end of the season?
Yeah, definitely more Kacey and Cal stuff to come, more Kacey and Dominic stuff to come. Those are her two real love interests; it’s not really a triangle that happens in her head but it’s a triangle for her for sure.

How about Fab (Frankie Shaw) and Dom this week?
Dom is definitely focused on me, I think he’s chosen me as the girl he’s really going to have a relationship with for the first time in his life. Fab kind of told him in their episode together “you have to try at things, they don’t just happen” and so this is his moment to kind of step up to the plate and just try because he’s always just ridden on his good looks to get him through. Now you’ll see a different side of Dominic and him trying to be a good boyfriend.

Your characters flashback in her teen years was so great! Will we see teenage Kacey again?
(Laughs) The braces and the cheerleading, the flashbacks for this episode are more Kacey in her life at the bar. Unfortunately you will not see the braces and pigtails again. It’s sad for me too.

What can we look forward to in the last couple episodes of this season?
Things are starting to heat up as the night it waning down people are starting to get nervous about who they talked to during the night and who they like, who they really, really like, and who they want to go home with. I know that there are a couple characters, like Liv’s (Kate Simses) adorable character who has fiancé at home and now she’s seeing this whole new side to herself and her stakes are really high. Tom of course is hoping he’s going to get married at the end of the night, probably at the bar to Maya (Ginger Gonzaga), which is adorable. It’s fun this season since the whole thing happens in one night it ramps up right about now. There are only five episodes left, everything kind of starts to go hyper speed in the last couple of episodes.

You can watch MIXOLOGY tonight on ABC at 9:30

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