simon baker the mentalist

Smartest Move: Rather than wait until it’s too late, the producers of THE MENTALIST are seeking a new home just in case CBS opts not to give it a sixth season.

Best Fake-Out: DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Sami found out that fiancé EJ had slept with and impregnated another woman, then accidentally caused that woman to take a dangerous tumble… except it was all simply a waking nightmare for the hunk whose secret was about to be exposed.

Worst Investment: Despite having advertised BLACK BOX what seemed like every five minutes, the debut of the ABC series only managed to draw 6.6 million viewers.

Biggest Game Changer: By jumping forward in time and giving Leslie a new job, PARKS AND RECREATION set itself up for… well, absolutely anything!

Funniest Entrance: As guest judge Wolfgang Puck entered HELL’S KITCHEN to judge the cheftestants’ pizzas, the music cue was a heavenly choir singing his name.

Scariest Concept: It looks like Jason Voorhees of FRIDAY THE 13TH fame is getting a series centered on his family and the town around Crystal Lake. Sounds like a bloody good time to us.

Most Deserved Win: She may not have been given the coveted Harper Avery award, but GREYS ANATOMY’s Christina at least found out she actually did garner the most votes.

Oddest Casting: This season on GIRLS, Brooklyn will be playing the part of Iowa.

Best Takedown: THE DAILY SHOW’s Jon Stewart issued a blistering (and truthful) commentary about the hypocritical and potentially dangerous coverage Fox in general and Sean Hannity in particular has given rancher Cliven Bundy.

Worst Week Ever: VH1 axed BEST WEEK EVER… for the 2nd time.

Proof That Crime Does, In Fact, Pay: Despite having pled guilty to numerous crimes and facing a possible prison sentence, Theresa Giudice will appear on the new season of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. In fact, production is being held up until after her sentencing out of respect for the process. Oh, who are we kidding… it’s so the show can milk this for all it’s worth.

Best Reveal Of An Ill-Advised Hook-Up: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL revealed that Thorne is sleeping with Taylor… aka the woman who ran down and killed his ex-wife, Darla, psychologically damaging their daughter, Aly, in the process!

Coolest Cucumber: Even when called out for having hired a doppelganger of his dead granddaughter to drive Sharon crazy, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Victor made excuses for the heinous act and actually seemed offended that nobody understood his motivations.

Best Flawed Premise: Two girls FAKING IT by claiming to be lesbians in order to gain popularity is a cute idea, but the show ignores the fact that the faux lovers aren’t exactly the type who’d be unpopular by any stretch of the imagination.

Ickiest Trend: Both GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny and Ava and GAME OF THRONES’ twisted Lannister siblings, Jaime and Cersei, had sex feet away from dead folks.

Best Emmy Campaign: “Vote for us,” says FAMILY GUY’s Peter Griffin in an ad mocking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s traffic-related scandal, “or it’s time for some traffic problems in Brentwood!”

Best Gag Reflex: SALEM’s witchy Mary keeps her husband silent by making sure he always has a literal frog in his throat!

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