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Craig Frank plays hilarious and lovable, Cal on ABC’s bar comedy, MIXOLOGY. I spoke with Craig about what we can look forward to on tonight’s episode, his favorite moment on the show, (it’s a cute one!) and how the writers are keeping secrets about the finale.

Liv’s (Kate Simses) fiancé Jim makes an appearance in tonight’s episode. What can you tell us about that?
Craig Frank: There are gonna be some questions to be answered. I’m not gonna give you any spoilers, no matter how hard you try and try I’m not gonna give you any spoilers. (Laughs) But I have to tell you in the end I think you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Bruce (Andrew Santino), Cal, and Tom (Blake Lee) get into an argument! What happens there?
We do get into a little bar-gument! Without saying too much, I will say that Tom and Cal finally decide to kind of call out Bruce on how he can be at times. When Bruce discovers the things that they have done without him he gets a little offended, and then they have to work through it together.

Who’s backstory do we focus on in tomorrow’s episode?
We’re gonna be focused on Liv and Jim and their relationship.

What will we see with them? Will we see them in the past or in the present?
You’ll see them closer to the present, you’ll see some stuff way in the past but it mostly focuses on their relationship and what it has been, why Liv is a little shaky about the engagement, and why she has cold feet.

Do we see her and Ron (Adam Campbell) at all in this episode?
You will see a little bit of Ron in this episode.

Do Ron and Jim meet at all?
They don’t really meet; they don’t have a sit down. Obviously he saw Ron kissing his fiancé, with that being said I don’t think it goes anywhere beyond that.

The seasons coming to an end soon, what’s been your favorite scene or episode?
There’s been so many moments! My favorite episode has been episode 7,with the bar fight. That’s been my favorite episode so far. My favorite moment I would say the moment where I felt the most, and I’m not tooting my own horn because it was my episode. The moment where Kacey (Vanessa Lengies) was in the back of the bar and she’s eating the sandwiches by herself, that was the most touching moment for me. That was the one that kind of pulled at the heartstrings. It’s so funny to actually see it on screen and then actually be able to feel, which I thought was great because having been apart of the process, having the read the script, prepared it, and shot it. Then having the opportunity to see it, having that opportunity to feel something for her and that scene to me felt very, very powerful.

I spoke with Vanessa last week and she said the producers and writers are trying to keep your characters apart because everyone loves you both together. When will we see Cal and Kacey together again?
Oh man! You probably won’t see that again until there is a final decision on what’s gonna happen between the two of us. One thing I’ve noticed throughout the show is that Cal is the only person who hasn’t; it’s been kind of Kacey or nothing. There’s been no other interests for him that night, where some of the other characters are mixing and mingling and you’ve noticed it’s just been Cal. Cal and Kacey in the one episode, so I thin that they are going to put a hold on that until the actual pay off. There’s been moments where they interact, but as far as big decisions go I don’t think you’re gonna see that, I think they’re gonna hold that. It’s funny how the audiences has reacted to that, I get a lot of tweets and calls from friends of mine who will call me and and say “oh my God I’m rooting for you, I’m rooting for you.” So the responses have been super great. I figured it’s because they know me and they say “no it’s not because we know you it’s because it’s the one thing where we are like they have to get together they are so great together, what’s happening.” So I think they’re going to milk that for as long as possible.

What can you tell us about the finale? Or at least what you hope to see in the finale.
I know what happens in the finale, unless they tricked us into filming things and they fooled us. We just filmed something where I was like “where does this even fit.” They’ve been very secretive in that sense; we didn’t know what was happening. When we got to episode 12 there was a cliffhanger at the end and you would think the cast was the audience because at the end we were like “wait, wait, wait, what happens?” And the writers who were in the room at the time were like “we actually don’t know what’s going to happen” Jon (Lucas) and Scott (Moore) are going to seclude themselves and write the final episode. So not even they knew what was going to happen. They’ve been very tricky like that. Things that I hope to see? There are certain relationships that I’m rooting for and I hope to see those come to fruition. I don’t want to give too much away only because honestly I don’t even know if I would be giving it away or if they fooled us and it doesn’t even happen.

One last question! If you could picture Cal on any other ABC show whether it is MODERN FAMILY or SCANDAL, which one would it be?
Oh my goodness! I would like to see Cal on SCANDAL, I’ll tell you why because of his reaction during the bar fight because he had no idea what to do. I know it’s a drama but I can only imagine him being in a situation where stuff is going down and he’s just like “I don’t know what to do, I’m out of my element.”

You can watch Craig tonight on MIXOLOGY at 9:30 on ABC and can follow him on twitter at @SirCraigFrank. Check out for more information on the show.

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