The “Truth In Advertising” Award Definitely Does Not Go To… : GREY’S ANATOMY. Promos showed Burke telling his ex, Christina, “I want you.” In the episode, what he actually said was, “I don’t want you!” While she may not have gotten the man she claimed not to even want, she did get his hospital!

Worst Double Whammy: As reports that she would not be returning to GLEE next season, Naya Rivera found out she was also being dropped by her record label!

Sluttiest Twist: Newly back from the dead, RESURRECTION’s Barbara didn’t return to her husband or daughter… but instead showed up at the house of her lover!
Biggest Shock: Michelle Stafford, whose Phyllis slipped into a coma a few months back over on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, this week landed in a bed at GENERAL HOSPITAL, where she’ll play Nina! Despite this being a huge twist involving a wildly popular actress, the show managed to keep the twist completely under wraps.

Biggest Understatement: David Spade said JUST SHOOT ME was responsible for much of his success. What went unsaid (except by us) is that it was the last decent thing he did.
Effort Least Likely To Succeed: Apparently, Golf Magazine thought putting Jimmy Fallon on the cover would attract younger viewers. Because, you know, they can’t find him elsewhere talking about other things that they’re far more interested in.
Rhetorical Question Of The Week: If Fox canceled a series nobody even realized was still on — as they did with ALMOST HUMAN — does anybody care?
Duh: Although SHARKNADO: THE SECOND ONE has not yet aired, SyFy has already ordered a third flick in the franchise.
Best Excuse To Stay Home This Weekend: A DVD box-set of HILL STREET BLUES was just released. Let the binging begin!
Coolest Credits: WGN’s wickedly entertaining SALEM got appropriately creepy new credits featuring music by Marilyn Manson.
Oddest Move: A&E picked up an American version of the French series THE RETURNED… despite ABC having already remade it as RESURRECTION, and NBC working on the similarly-themed BABYLON FIELDS. Apparently, the zombie invasion really has begun.
Biggest Hypocrite: Following her rumble with Porsha, THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA’s Kenya had the nerve to make a long-winded speech about the dangers of “escalating” a situation. Because, you know, her shoving a bullhorn in Porsha’s face had nothing to do with the ramping up of the situation.
Oddest Stunt: Here comes the judge… as in JUDGE JUDY, who will get a primetime special on Tuesday, May 20. Anyone who thinks the success of this special won’t lead to the relatively cheap show becoming a summer series should report immediately to lock-up for crimes against logic.
Most Likely To Feature Baked Beans And Possibly Cream Pies: The folks at Bravo have announced that the new season of TOP CHEF will be set in Boston.
Words That Could Have Been Taken Right Out Of Our Mouth:’s Sadie Gennis summed up the SUPERNATURAL spin-off by saying, “Even the Winchesters couldn’t save this mess (and they’ve saved the world. Multiple times.)”

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