In the Mix: Andrew Santino Dishes on MIXOLOGY


Andrew Santino plays hilarious, over the top, guy’s guy, Bruce on the ABC comedy MIXOLOGY. I spoke with Andrew about tonight’s episode, his favorite couple on the show, and what he thinks about Bruce and Maya (Ginger Gonzaga).

I know Tom (Blake Lee) and Maya have talked more in the past but I feel like Bruce and Maya would make such a great pairing. How do you feel about Bruce and Maya?
Andrew Santino: (Laughs) I think that’s probably a good assessment and a face value view because they are both kind of rough around the edges. I don’t know if anybody is really a good fit for Bruce at all, he’s kind of a lone ranger, a rolling stone baby. I don’t really know who is good for him. I think Maya seems to be that way but our flashback shows something a little bit different. Bruce is looking for someone who isn’t just like him because she’s pretty similar in terms of being snappy and independent. I get why there would be some immediate sexual tension personality wise, certainly not looks wise because you’ve seen what I look like. But I get the initial attraction, but who knows maybe that’s a very good call. We’ll have to find out and see this week.

What will we see in the flashback this week?
We will see who Bruce and Maya are from a very different perspective of what you saw in the earlier episodes. We set up from scratch obviously in the earlier episodes because people had no idea who these people are. Now that you’re a little more familiar we are going to give you a little more angle of depth, you’re gonna get to learn something completely different about him. Without giving anything away, it’s going to open up the audiences mind to Bruce a little more perhaps and to Maya. So they will look at it at a much more lovable angle and more open.

Who is your favorite couple on the show?
Probably me and Tom are my favorite couple on the show. (Laughs) My favorite couple character pair up would be Liv (Kate Simses) and Ron. (Adam Campbell) I think they are the cutest! Anytime a British guy can get with a cute mousey voiced woman it’s just a match made in heaven to me.

You’re the first one in the cast to say that to me, everyone says Cal (Craig Frank) and Kacey. (Vanessa Lengies)
(Laughs) I always go against the grain; I don’t care what everyone else thinks I just do me.

Last call is coming up! What can we look forward to in the finale?
You can look forward to a wonderful piece of closure almost like a beautiful film which our show has been compared to so often. There’s a nice little bow tie on the series, not to say that everybody wins or everybody loses or everything is all good and dandy, but everything comes to some sort of close in a very hopeful sense. If there is a season two you kind of get a little hint over where the future of these characters might be going. I think it’s a fantastic episode it’s actually kind of a tearjerker in a sense, its kind of melancholy, very happy, sad, goodbye. But hopefully the fans will want it back again and you’ll see the continuation of the characters.

If the show does get picked up for a second season what would you like to see happen to Bruce?
I would like to see Bruce cut his hair and shave his beard. (Laughs) I would like to see him develop a little bit more as a character outside the bar, perhaps that’s something that might happen I can’t guarantee anything. I don’t know I’m really just kind of excited to see what the writers come up with, they’re the genius’s behind it I’m just an idiot that gets lucky enough to be comedic on television using the words of much, much more intelligent people than myself. So I’m just kind of excited to see what they are going to do with us and how different it’s going to be and what the change is going to be as far and where we can go, we don’t know if it’s set at Mix if it’s a year later, a month later, a night later, a continuation of that night. We are really kind of left in the dark for obvious reasons they want us to kind of be surprised about what comes our way.

My last question, if you could pick someone for Bruce who would it be?
I would probably pick Adan Canto who plays Dominic because he’s so sexy. (Laughs) I don’t know I would honestly probably pick Kacey. We don’t have any interaction, like moments for us to see if we are compatible at all, so I think she would be great because she’s so cute, sweet, perfect, and lovable I think Bruce would love something like that if he could pay attention to someone like that for more than 10 minutes.

You can watch Andrew on MIXOLOGY tonight at 9:30 on ABC.

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