THE MENTALIST Recap: “Black Hearts”

the mentalist black hearts

We begin where we left off last week, at Wheatondale with Abbott and Cho, and the girls on the gurneys. Cho makes a call and tells the person on the other end to find out every transplant facility in the country. Fischer shows up with Jane, and Cho fills them in as Jane surveys the area. Fischer wants to know what she can do, and Cho says to find out who had access to Wheatondale and also investigate the Qasimi brothers, since they worked closely with the people who abducted the girls, and the same people would be the ones behind the murders. Fischer says she’ll contact Beaumont Penitentiary, where I’m sure the Qasimi brothers are residing, though I’m going out on a limb here and guessing Fischer will never be able to talk to the brothers, as someone will have gotten to them way before that.

Jane lifts one of the paper blankets and looks at the sweet face of one of the dead girls. He’s so obviously affected by this. You can see the anguish on his face. Abbott comes in, and they both agree there were a lot more girls than the three located there. Jane laments that the girls had their blood types written on the bottom of their feet, as if they were part of a production line.

Abbott, Lisbon, and Pike in Abbott’s office. A man is on the computer monitor offering Lisbon a plum job in D.C. Lisbon says she has to think about it, and Abbott reiterates how much they’ll miss her. The man doesn’t miss a thing. He can see the look of sheer terror on her face. Lisbon and Pike leave to talk in the hallway. Pike has kind of reached the end of his rope patience-wise. He pushed this guy who offered her the job (Don) to pass on other candidates, so Lisbon could be with him in D.C. Wait, she hadn’t given her answer, and he took it upon himself to get her this job, and now he’s getting upset at her about it? At what point did she ask you to do her this favor, Pike? You did that all on your own.

Jane comes in and says Hi to Lisbon, pauses, and with the first sign of animosity I’ve seen from him thus far, says “Pike” in a way you’d say “Jerk.” Lisbon looks like she’s been hit by two trucks.

Cho and Wylie are at Wylie’s computer, and Abbott comes to ask about the truck they intercepted. It turns out it’s taking so long to get the information, because the truck was leased by one company, which was owned by another company, which was a subsidiary of another company. There’s six total, all privately owned.

Fischer comes in, and it looks like my psychic powers are just as good as Jane’s, because sure enough, the Qasimi brothers were stabbed in their cell that morning. Color me shocked.

Daniela comes in, and Cho is at last honest with her about her sister, in that she probably wound up on a cargo ship, headed for South America. He estimates she’ll arrive at a foreign port within the next few days. Daniela asks why she was separated, and Cho is honest with her about that as well. He tells her about the organ harvesting. Daniela is worried Amy was found among the dead girls, but Cho assures her she wasn’t.

Lisbon is staring out the window, looking like a woman who has a life-changing decision to make. Jane asks her what she’s thinking about and wants to know if it’s “meaning of life type stuff.” She responds “Something like that” when Wylie comes up and tells them that through the background checks of people associated with Wheatondale, and cross referencing with trucking companies, he came up with Michael Ridley (Titus Welliver, the bad guy we saw on the phone a couple of weeks ago.) He was a partner in the equity group that sold Wheatondale two years ago. He also owns the company to which Wylie traced the confiscated truck.

Ridley Corp. Lisbon and Jane. Ridley thinks it’s a coincidence about the girls being found in one of his trucks and says he bought Wheatondale as a distressed property and sold off the medical equipment. Jane makes a comment about how Ridley’s office is very plain, and Ridley says it’s just for work. Lisbon wants to know how thirty abducted women wound up in a truck owned by his company. Ridley is quick to point out it’s owned by one of his companies. Lisbon talks about how convoluted his corporate structure is, and Ridley condescends to her about how it’s for tax purposes, and he wouldn’t want to bore her with the details. Both Jane and Lisbon assure him that corporate accounting is fascinating, and they have all the time in the world. Ridley gives them the number of his CFO.

After Jane and Lisbon leave, Ridley immediately gets on the phone and calls Anthony, the guy who we saw him on the phone with a couple of weeks ago. Anthony is the guy who “Takes care of things” and by that I mean, “Kills anyone who goofed up or can be linked back to Ridley.” In this case, Ridley wants him to “look into” why the FBI were able to find those three dead women. Something tells me whoever is responsible, is about to meet the same fate as the Qasimi Brothers.

Break room at the FBI. Lisbon walks in to tell Cho she got offered the job. He tells her it would be a good move then tells her the first day working with her, he almost quit because of Rigsby. But then he saw the way Lisbon worked, and he knew he had to stay. He tells her he wouldn’t be where he was today, if it wasn’t for her. And coming from Cho, that’s a pretty powerful statement. He tells her that whatever decision she makes, it’s been an honor, and now Lisbon is crying and I’m crying. She hugs Cho. Gosh, I’d almost forgotten my love affair with Cho. He’s so completely made of awesome. Always.

Fischer comes to Abbott and says they got the results from the forensics at Wheatondale. Sixteen samples of DNA. One was from a guy. An Alexander Lark. Fischer thinks he’s the one who carved up the women, since he lost his license as a surgeon seven years ago. He hasn’t been seen for a couple of days (Did Anthony pay him a visit?). He has a daughter, April, in San Antonio. Abbott tells her to grab Cho and go talk to April.

April is unimpressed with the FBI. She hasn’t talked to dear old dad in two years. It appears that eight years ago, his wife died, and he took up drinking. This was followed by him losing his job and his house, and I guess years later, carving up innocent young girls around his daughter’s age. She tells them he used to take her to the beach in Corpus Christi when he wanted to get away.

Jane and Lisbon. Casa de Ridley. Smuggling young girls gets you a really nice house I guess. Jane spots a picture of Ridley sitting with Ex-President Bush. Ridley says he finds it garish and says his ex-wife wanted to display it, but Jane says he was the one who wanted it. It’s used as an intimidation tactic to let people know who they’re dealing with. Jane shows Ridley Lark’s picture. He claims not to know who it is, but Jane knows he’s lying. Lisbon swears they’ll find him, and that’s when they’ll find out he worked for Ridley. That is, if Anthony hasn’t gotten to him first.

Corpus Christi. Cho and Fischer. Lark’s car was spotted. Lo and behold, Lark is still alive, because there he is, walking to his car. As Cho and Fischer throw the cuffs on him, Anthony is witnessing it all and calling into Ridley about this turn of events. Turns out, there’s a bomb under Lark’s car that Ridley tells him to detonate. He does, and our two heroes, plus Lark, are thrown a good distance, but they’re alive and unscathed.

Interrogation room. FBI. Fischer and Abbott. Lark downs some vodka and reaches for the bottle with a shaky hand as Abbott begins his questioning. Lark says that Jesse (aka, DEAD Jesse in San Diego) would round up the girls, but if their tissue and blood type were a match for someone who needed a transplant, they were brought to Lark, all drugged up. There was forged paperwork, so everything seemed aboveboard. There was someone who came and picked up the organs and disposed of the dead girls. We see through flashback it was Anthony, but Lark doesn’t know his name. He neglects to mention the “Veni, Vidi,Vici” tattooed on Anthony’s left forearm. Lark met Ridley when he was a patient, and when Lark lost his license, Ridley offered him a “job.” He needed the money. Ridley has been involved in human trafficking for years and uses the money to go into legitimate business. When Fischer asks if it ever bothered him, he says it did at first, until he stopped thinking about it. I’m guessing vodka helped with that.

Cho is talking to a bunch of people via the internet, who I’m guessing have some control over the ports in South America. One guy says it’s going to be a problem with the Colombian board officials, since they’re paid off by the drug cartels. Drugs are moved in and out, and they’re not going to just open their doors for the FBI. Next thing you know, Cho is calling up the Colombian Embassy and threatening the guy in charge. Something tells me he’ll get his search warrant. As Cho says in not so many words, he’s not a man you want to mess with. Fischer comes in with bad news. Ridley is out on bail.

Jane is waiting for Ridley out by his car. Ridley insists he’s innocent and says that maybe this person, whoever it is, had a greater cause in mind. That the girls’ lives were taken, so the lives of “important men” could be spared. It’s okay, Jane, I’ll punch him in the face for you. Don’t want you to break your pretty hands. Ridley seems to think Jane is onboard with this nonsense. That if anyone could understand his perspective, it’s Jane. And Jane agrees, as he’s worked with “psychopaths and monsters” for years. Heh. Ridley wishes Jane a “lovely afternoon.” Jane says, “You too” and walks away.

FBI. Abbott and Fischer want Lark to give them the names of all the organ recipients, since they think these guys will roll over on Ridley. Lark wants another drink, but no drinkie until he talks. He says only Ridley knows the names, and they’re on an encrypted laptop. When pushed by Abbott, Lark says, as they show it in flashback, that he’d gone to Ridley’s house and overheard a guy asking for a transplant. Transplant guy looks like a man at death’s door, plus the telltale coughing, lets us know it’s serious. He’s Nigerian, there on business for his oil company. The Nigerian and Ridley had met at a fund raiser in Houston. He also had on an expensive, gold Philippe Badeaux watch. Lark says he used to have one just like it. Abbott asks again about Anthony, and that’s when he remembers about the tattoo. Fischer takes it out to Wylie to see If he gets any hits.

Speaking of Anthony, he’s just broken into April’s place and just stares at her while she sleeps. He focuses in on the locket around her neck with an engraved flower on it.

Lisbon, still looking like she’s just on the verge of screaming and running from the building, walks slowly with a saucer of tea and a cup of coffee in her hand. Jane’s asleep on his favorite couch, and she wakes him up. He’s delighted with the tea. She tells him to “scooch over” and sits down next to him. This is as it should be, the two of them side-by-side. She asks him how often he sleeps in his own bed, and he says there’s too many lumps. Lisbon suggests a new bed but corrects herself and says she always liked the couch. Jane gives her a look that would make me swoon. She seems to be gearing up to tell him something, when her phone rings. It’s Fischer.

We go to Fischer at the prison, and surprise, surprise, Lark has hung himself in his cell. On his bed they found the locket that had been around April’s neck.

April at the FBI. She’s alive, at least. She had no idea Anthony had lifted the locket.

Lisbon, Jane, and Fischer. They think their case is dead, along with Lark. Jane remembers the Nigerian, but Lisbon is not optimistic about their chances of finding him.

Cho and Daniela. He tells her they’ve narrowed it down to four cargo ships headed for Colombia. If they’re right, the ships will be arriving in twelve hours, and they’ll be waiting.

We go to the cargo ship, and there’s the women, holed up in and amongst a bunch of cargo. They don’t look too healthy.

FBI. Wylie tells Fischer and Lisbon he might have found the fundraising event where Ridley met the Nigerian. The Blue Skies Gala, held six weeks ago in Houston. Ironically, an environmental event put on by domestic oil companies.

Jane goes to the evidence room and asks for all of the evidence from the abandoned hospital.

Fischer is going through pictures from the event, when Lisbon joins her. Fischer, who I guess is taking shipping lessons from Abbott, suggests they wait for Jane, because he and Lisbon “always work together.” Lisbon tosses that off and gets to the business at hand. She spots the Nigerian, which isn’t a difficult task, since the man looks like a walking corpse. But they don’t notice that, only the gold watch. Wylie identifies him as Jonas Diop. He’s still in Houston and staying at the Park Huntley Hotel. Of course, Ridley manages to call him first and tell him to leave the country.

Lisbon calls Jane from the hotel to tell him, as he sifts through medications, etc., taken from Wheatondale. Of course, he pockets one of the medications, then tells Lisbon he has a plan. It involves being deceitful and corrupt and requires her to break numerous laws. So, a typical Jane plan, then. Jane fingers some bags and asks Lisbon if she’s a medium or a small. She doesn’t answer, so he grabs a couple of bags and tells her to meet him at Wheatondale in two hours.

Casa de Ridley. He pours a couple of drinks and takes the other one to…Jane? Jane asks what it is, and Ridley says it tastes like Scotch, but it’s really Japanese whiskey. When Ridley goes to grab the bottle to prove it to Jane, he takes out a dropper and drip, drips something into Ridley’s drink. Ridley comes back, none the wiser, and drinks up while babbling that the liquor is so good, because the Japanese are willing to sacrifice everything in order to succeed, just like he does and just like, he believes, Jane does. Jane stalls by talking about the Nigerian who got away, and Ridley tells him to admit defeat and move on.

Then Ridley starts to feel the effects of the drug and asks Jane to leave, but instead Jane taunts him. Tells him it’s almost as if he were drugged. Then agrees with Ridley that some lives are worth more than others before he passes out.

Wheatondale. Jane wheels Ridley on a gurney into the room where the operations were done. Jane and Lisbon don scrubs. As Ridley groggily comes to, he sees Jane cutting into someone with a scalpel. The person screams and convulses. Ridley tries to get away, but he’s strapped in tight. Blood is all over the floor and all over Jane and Lisbon, but when we swing around from the other side, we can see Lisbon with a bowl of red goo and a rag. She dips it in the bowl then lets it drip onto the body and the floor. Oh my gosh, she rubs the fake blood all over Jane’s chest, and he rubs some more for good measure. I love it when they work together like this. All Ridley can see is the person’s feet as they convulse and hears the moaning and wailing. Then the arm comes down, and it has “Veni, Vidi,Vici” tattooed on it. Lisbon says, “He’s gone,” and that’s when Ridley really starts to struggle. Jane and Lisbon turn around in mock surprise that he’s awake. Lisbon chastises Jane that he told her Ridley would be unconscious. Ridley accuses them of killing Anthony, and he tries to appeal to Lisbon as a cop, telling her it’s wrong. But she says not after what he’s done. It’s poetic justice. Jane gets the scalpel within a half an inch of Ridley’s Stomach before he’s giving up the goods and telling them how to get into his encrypted laptop. Lisbon types in the password, and it’s good.

FBI. Jane and Abbott with Ridley and his lawyer, who is claiming they tortured Ridley, so any evidence gathered is inadmissible. Abbott says only if they can prove it was gathered illegally. Ridley talks about how they killed Anthony, but Abbott shows him the live feed from the holding cell, where Anthony is currently residing.

Lisbon brings something over to Wylie for him to wipe off the tattoo. I had a feeling that was you under the paper sheet, Wylie, you little devil. He loved being in on the plan and wants t do it again. Lisbon’s smile is short-lived when Abbott comes out of interrogation and summons her to his office, where Jane is already waiting. He says the accusations against them are serious, but Jane says only if they’re true. Abbott asks if it’s true. Jane says no, and Lisbon, doing only minimally better at lying, says no as well. Abbott smiles with his cute little dimples and says he’s done with “you” and by “you” he means Jane. He makes Lisbon stay. Rut roh.

He tells her Jane is a liar, but she is an honest, good person with a long career ahead of her, and he doesn’t want to see her throw away this “new opportunity” of hers. He asks her again if it’s true, and Lisbon, who’s gotten way WAY better at lying all of a sudden, looks Abbott right in the eye and STRAIGHT UP LIES TO HIM. She tells him everything Jane said was true. Abbott leans back with a “this is veddy eeeenteresting” look on his face. Oh, that was so a test. And she passed it, because Abbott is a shipper, and he wanted to make sure she was still onboard the Jane train.

Cho comes to Daniela with some good news. They found her sister. Tearful reunion ensues.

Oh, gosh. I know I’m about to get my heart broken all over the place, because here comes Pike to pick up Lisbon. He semi-apologizes for pressuring her that morning, then she tells him she’s taking the job in D.C., and I’m wearing my frowny face. Then, oh no. Pike just blurts out “Will you marry me?” and I’m going to be sick. Fortunately, Lisbon hasn’t completely lost her mind and does not go leaping into his arms. Sheesh, guy, you saw how long it took her to say yes to D.C. Give her a second here!

Oh, man, I’m being forced to watch them smooch up a storm before Pike asks if Jane knows. Turns out Jane is a mere twenty feet away reading a book. This is just getting worse and worse. Then they smooch some more, because the show has no mercy for me, before Lisbon goes up to Jane. He asks how it went with Abbott then says they make a good team sometimes. She agrees. They make small talk, until Lisbon heads out WITHOUT TELLING HIM.

Next week is going to be a doozy.

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