RIP STAR-CROSSED: Creator Meredith Averill Shares Her Thoughts on Life After Cancellation

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The CW alien-drama STAR-CROSSED was an addictive, heart-warming, intriguing show for those who discovered it. Unfortunately, it ended all too soon after the CW elected to not renew the show for a second season. Since the news broke, fans around the globe have been clamoring for the CW, CBS, Warner Bros., Fox and Netflix to give the show a chance and pick-up for that elusive second season. Alas, those pleas seem to have fallen on deaf executive ears as each network and studio has invested all their programming/production funds in their new slate of television shows.

So in an exclusive interview, STAR-CROSSED’s creator and executive producer Meredith Averill answers a few remaining questions about the fate of the show.

Just to wrap up one storyline question, did Castor (Johnathon Schaech) survive? A few of Johnathon’s tweets made it sound like he might be returning to the show if the show was picked up, or was he being optimistic?
MEREDITH: I think so. I mean, the truth of it is that it is a sci-fi show and cypher exists. But in our minds, it was very important for Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) that she killed Castor at the end of that episode. So Castor is dead.

Okay, turning to the business end of STAR-CROSSED, did you ever get a chance to pitch the second season to the CW and CBS?
MEREDITH: Yes, we did. They were informed about it and they were excited by the story.

Then, the fans want to know, are there going to be DVD’s released for STAR-CROSSED Season 1?
MEREDITH: I don’t know. I hope so. I’m not sure how all that works. It’s decided by people above my pay-grade.

Do you know if the rights to STAR-CROSSED are still retained by the CW or revert back to CBS now that the CW chose not to pick it up for Season 2? Just because fans are still trying to petition, but they do not seem to know which studio or network to focus on.
MEREDITH: I don’t know the answer to that. I appreciate that the fans are doing that. At this point it does not look likely. It is very sweet that they continue to be so supportive of the show.

If fans want to continue to petition, should they continue to petition CBS or should they be focusing on another network?
MEREDITH: I do not want to persuade them to continue to petition, but I get it that they are going to anyway.

Was any answer provided as to why the CW passed on picking up STAR-CROSSED for Season 2?
MEREDITH: They didn’t tell us exactly why, but I suspect it had to do with our overnight ratings.

Ratings are a killer. They kill a lot of television shows.
MEREDITH: It’s a bummer. It seems like such an antiquated system. But it is what it is until another system comes along.

It is painful. I try to remind people that over 85 TV shows were canceled that same week. So STAR-CROSSED is not the only show in the world that got canceled, but fans do not like to hear that.
MEREDITH: I looked at that list of all the shows that got canceled, and it’s not like it made me feel better, but I was like, “Oh, a lot of people had a shitty day that day, not just me.” So it kind of put things in perspective.

Also it’s awesome to hear that you and Adele [Lim] are going to be working on two CW shows that we are incredibly excited about, now that Adele’s working on REIGN and you will be working on JANE THE VIRGIN.
MEREDITH: (Laughs) And our offices are right down the street from each other, so we still get to hang out, which is great.

Just as a final wrap-up, what would you like to say to the fans around the world who are still hoping for another season of STAR-CROSSED?
MEREDITH: Thank you so much for the support. It’s been an amazing ride. It’s definitely over much sooner than any of us wanted it to be. But that is true of so many of my favorite shows, like MY SO CALLED LIFE and FREAKS & GEEKS, just to name a few; and they are not lesser shows because they were canceled too soon and it kind of weirdly makes you appreciate them more. So I’d just say re-watch the episodes. There was so much plot we jammed into each episode and there’s so many things you could miss. So I would love it if the fans would re-watch the episodes and find little things here and there that maybe they missed the first time around. I think that’s the best way to kind of honor the show, and that’s kind of the way it lives on — by word of mouth and telling their friends to watch it. I could only hope that STAR-CROSSED ended up like one of those shows, like a cult sort of show that was canceled too soon that people can get excited about. Also just “thank you.” We made the show for them and I’m so thrilled that it’s gotten so many people so excited and that have fallen in love with it.

Since STAR-CROSSED ended on a cliffhanger, to find out what happened to each of the characters and where the story would have gone in Season 2, be sure to read this article: “What STAR-CROSSED Season 2 Would Have Been: Romery, Draylor & Atrian Invasion”

It is always sad to have to say goodbye to a beloved television show, but some just end sooner than others. Here is to hoping that STAR-CROSSED becomes that cult show that more and more fans discover and love.

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  • Mary Helen Cook

    i think its crap to take this show of that a lot of pepole like my mum and i live in scotland uk and we got to see it on sky tv wow it was so good to watch we get to much rubbish on our tvs and when something so good comes along we get it taken away i dont blam the fans wanting back if it was not for us we tv companys wood not have jobs its allway pepole at the top that are so stuped they dont see it as for the lady that had the idear for this show she should take it to a tv company that wood make season 2 over hear in the uk a bbc comady show birds of a fethere was stoped itv took it on dew south a bout a canada mounted police with a wolf was stoped but we got 2 moor seasons with tv companys comeing togethere bbc from the uk for one and some otheres from contrys around the world took it on as pepole loved it so much evan fans back then sent the wolf gifts as he was well loved by the fans of that show we are left with game shows x factor american idol and comady shows that are to stuped for words and they dont take them of evan the simpsons to they keep that and take of a show that is so new a good idear a space age mills and boon what about us who love some love and romance in our lifes it was so good you wanted to see if the to main pepole wood get hitched have kids and to me it was like fifty shades of gray but tonned down a bit its a show that we ladys could get a nice meal and wine and have a nice night in and dream that the romery wood hug and kiss us the lady fans of the show its just how we the fans feel it is so sad that tv companys tell us what to watch but we pay to watch to we should have a say to evan cw took farly legal of to and i loved that to its so makes me angary that they dont see it like the fans want to see my mum cant get out she has cancer and parkesons and that show made hur happy she told me that it not evrry tv show that dus that but when it was on she could not take hur eyes of it as she told me it takes a lot for me to love something on tv but it took hur and i to a dream world all of our own so well dun to the lady who made the story i am so wanting it on dvd to keep now but still live in hope to get season 2 some day

  • Israa Belabou

    One word stupid chanel don’t care about fan u think money money money .hope all your show be cancelled

  • Katy Ordonez

    I just started whatching it and it’s a very entertaining show that I didn’t know existed so you should have made the show more popular put it on as commercial breaks done anything to keep it alive.

  • Katy Ordonez

    Did they at least let he fans see the script of what was going to happen in season 2 ?

  • Josh

    This is so dumb this is one of my favorite shows ever. Is there any chance to get it back later on I mean it has 5 star rating on Netflix but they still didn’t bring it back. CW needs to bring it back immediately, it will get top reviews.

  • Kyli Flowers

    I finished the first season yesterday and looked up when the second season was coming out only to find that it wasn’t. There will be no second season according to the internet. BUT!!! Netflix can continue the series. All it takes is many people to ask them and write to them about how we would watch every episode. It is quite pitiful how CW only canceled it because of the ratings and not because of the many fans it has. The first mistake made was putting that show on CW. It should have been put on ABC family or something like that. It would have been more popular. But still. If you are a fan of this show then let’s all just get together and make Netflix realize that we want this series to continue.

  • Kyli Flowers

    If we all get the attention of Netflix they will continue the series. Contact anyone you know and have them help. I have been doing all I can to get them to put it back on these past few days.

  • Kyli Flowers

    If we contact Netflix they will put it back on.

  • Yara da Silva Heying

    I just came accross this show and found it fantastic. Why not continue as a Webseries? The viewership would be unlimited! I hope the producers consider this.

  • Den
  • Den
  • Kaylee Floden

    you need to make a second season!
    i love this series so much and the ending just sucks! alot of people love this show so please make a second season!

  • cristina mattly

    If the show continues romery will be splitting at least according to the producers. I say no to that if it were to get put back on the air. Maybe have there relationship struggle but no split, its a part of what makes it so good! 🙂

  • cristina mattly

    What we all should do is find something that relates to the show we could all but and send it in the the network company for awhile. This has been donr before and its worked. Maybe make some shirts saying bring back season 2 or little star stickers or something like that, just some ideas lol im willing to but i alone cant do it sooo thats where we all come in!. Let me know if anyone is willing to do this i will try and gather more steam in the meantime.

  • leslie chinch


  • leslie chinch

    You should tell that to Cw Netflix abc anyone because this show really needs to keep going I can’t get over the fact that they’ve cancelled it !!

  • leslie chinch

    We need more people to support !! spread the word please I really want it to come back

  • leslie chinch
  • leslie chinch
  • Ashlei42 .

    Got into watching Star Crushed and was really p***sed off!! when I found out that they never had a second season! Don’t understand why it was cancelled? It was a really great series! They need to remove it from Netflix ect…..because like myself and I’m sure many other people, they just get aggravated when they watch the entire season only to find out there wasn’t a second season. They could of at least gave the show a ending if they weren’t planning on continuing with the it. What a let down and waste of time to have it on anywhere because it just stops and leaves you hanging on what’s supposed to happen next!! ????????????

  • dassity

    ok i agree and i really really hope this show gets a season 2 because it seems like every good show gets cancelled either because it doesnt have enogh numbers or certain people dont like it but thats bull crap why punish the fans for the snuck up snobby nosed selfish people in the world

  • dassity

    ok i really love this so and i got so mad when it didnt have a second season and of course im mad so if anyone who has a vote on canceling or making a second season i believe that ALL of these fans should at least count for something so please reconsider a second season and maybe even more to follow!

  • dassity

    yess i totally want that i would love if there was a second season because they left of when roman and emery were just where i wanted them to be i got so excited then i was so sad and mad when there was NO second season so if anyone of the creatures of netflix are listening im not begging i will NEVER begg but i am asking u to make my day and make a second season

  • Felicia

    I have watched the entire season of the show twice, I love it! However when I read that the show would have ended with Emery and Roman not being together I was disappointed. The show’s producer referenced Dawson’s Creek ending as the ending that was going to be somewhat mirrored, which was an ending I was not happy with. I think Emery and Roman should have ended up together. They should have experienced a lot of problems in their relationship along the way, possibly many instances of breaking up and seeing other people but ultimately they should have always been able to find their way back to one another. This would have demonstrated true love. Dawson’s Creek’s ending was initially written with Joey and Dawson ending together. The ending that was filmed was as a result of a last minute change. Sometimes it’s good to show that some relationships can overcome any obstacles.

  • Audrey Stewart

    I think they should come back for one episode… They left it on such a clif hanger I would love it if they could give us a little closer..

    I was also wondering what the chances are that they would write books…

    Or maybe sell the idea to an author? It would be amazing for them to create books… Than the story could last for how ever long the author wants…

  • rgsh

    If Emery were going to end up with Grayson first mistake for the writer or writers and why? you never go against a a shakespeare classic story like. That was her dead sentence and she didnt even know it. When it comes to a TV show, first rating, second the pitch, third story to sell the pitch. There are shows with far worst rating that still on and why? because one of what she call high paid executive decided to do so cause it was sold to him for a 2nd season for a third season, She just went against a classic Romeo & Juliet story and I bet you she share her thought about the love story. Im sorry, but thanks God ended then because it would have been a waste of my time to see 5 seasons ending up like that. It is just like that teenager series Teen Wolf, after third season when they chain the character main interest and has to kill the previous one (losing any hope to a come back) has gone downhill completely. You dont mess love stories they do still seel and in a world so cruel we live now, they will always sell so Roman and Emery should has been her pitch at the end…best regards to all

  • rgsh

    Dawson Creek ending was so disappointing and all the wastes of episodes to glue the other ending, it wasnt the last minute result, from the start they knew that was going to be the ending cause we have lost romanticism in our generation

  • Gianna Brier

    You should start the season up again even if time has flown by,now comotion about the show is stirring . Now it’s on Netflix and all your fans (including me) would gladly see your show for a second season

  • Paro

    I literally just finished this show and I’m so heartbroken… I loved this show!! But after looking up how season 2 was gonna go…. I am definitely not a fan of Roman and Teri as a couple and then Grayson and Emery together (again)… so no I wouldn’t support that for season 2 but I do wish there was a season 2… with Roman and Emery going through tough times but still TOGETHER!!! <3